BetterAuds Archives of November 2021

Hey guys, It’s time for the monthly blog archives once again. In November, We published a total of 87 blog posts.

At BetterAuds, we want to inspire our readers by sharing success stories from people around the world. We got the opportunity to share success stories of achievers from multiple fields including Musicians, Authors and Entrepreneurs. If you want, you can check our October’s Monthly archive blog post as well.

Here is a Summary of this month’s Archives

You can catch up with any of these posts, please see them below:

Success Stories:

Hiding in Plain Sight – My Life & Adventures Protecting Celebrities – A thrilling book release from Celebrity Bodyguard and protector Thomas LeBrun!

New York based Dinara Khairova is telling powerful and meaningful stories through her photography!!

Dallas-based The Dirty Shirts’ new song ‘Shake’ resonates with streaks of Rock and Blues.

She followed her calling to empower children live a life of enthusiasm and resilience..Meet Shiva Saravanan, Founder of Golden Daffodils.

Become a better investor by reading Rumpelstiltskin’s Rules for Making Your Farthings Grow by Author Susan Laubach

King Cupid’s new track ‘Double Take’ offers an alluring and charismatic experience!!

New York-Based Artist WhoExotic offers an emotional experience in ‘Fake Friends’

YAHNEI’s debut EP ‘2:22’ impressively blends R&B with euphoric trap!!

Angelcreatives’s wellness song, ‘I’m Well,’ inspires people during these difficult times.

Rendezvous with Kristin Holm, Author of powerful dystopian style thrilling book – ‘The Community’.

Rendezvous with Successful Alternative Sculpture Artist Bailey Graham!

The single ‘All Great Love’ by Cory Driscoll is a thrilling preview of the album ‘Eureka Springs’ releasing in 2022.

Rendezvous with Kati Niemi – Author of (R)evolution for Love: A Better Relationship or a Brilliant Break Up?

Colorado based hip hop artist Josh da Libra is generating a huge buzz with his latest release ‘Alone’.

Thomas Reilly’s new release ‘Chasing Time’ impressively blends fantasy and a beautiful relationship.

Critiks Music, European electro pop band from Belgium has made a strong impact in the music scene with its unique creativity.

Why Building a Company Fleet is Good For Your Brand?

Copenhagen-based quartet ‘Tender Youth’ dropped their self-titled debut EP!

Get ready to groove to an exciting blend of Rock n Roll and Jazz in Tucker Ronzetti’s latest EP Tired of Troubadours.

Amp up your mood with Jamaican musician Al Rickjames’ debut album Trap Caribbean.

Rendezvous with Jerry JeanLouis from Haiti, Founder of Hejec Security Transportation. 

DMV rapper 301 Pacs offers pure entertainment to the audience with his newest release, Life Jacket.

Los Angeles-based pop singer Hamid J’s playful release ‘Hold My Body’ creates a sensation in the music scene.

Get swayed by the intoxicating indie-rock flavors in Big Bus Dream’s latest album ‘Giant in My Mind ’

Listen to Jasmine L’Chelle’s bold rapping style and rhythms in her brand new release ‘You Can Get It’.

Savarre impressively blends rock with engaging lyrics in ‘Unbeautiful’


Celine Farach – Famous Model

Stella Hudgens – Famous Actress

Michael Eklund – Famous Actor

Sam Underwood – Famous Actor

Susie Hariet – Famous Actress

Lucas Neff – Famous Actor

Changbin – Famous Rapper

Nichole Hiltz – Famous Actress

Diletta Leotta – Famous TV Presenter & Journalist

Abby McGrew – Famous Fashion Designer

Bria Myles – Famous Influencer

Ruby O. Fee – Famous Actress

Mikael Ake Persbrandt – Famous Actor

Melody Anderson – Famous Actress

Jolie Jenkins – Famous Actress

Jacob Rives Pitts – Famous Actor

Dana Snyder – Famous Actor

Chris Galya – Famous Actor

Billi Bruno – Famous Actress

Yusuf Gatewood – Famous Actor

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo – Famous Actor

Michael Eric Reid – Famous Actor

Dianna Hopper – Famous Actress

Emillie Cocquerel – Famous Actress

Eamon Farren – Famous Actor

Ben Koldyke – Famous Actor

Brooke Nevin – Famous Actress

Cristina Umana – Famous Actress

Tina Ivlev – Famous Actress

Shannon De Lima – Famous Model

Penelope Mitchell – Famous Actress

Omar Benson Miller – Famous Actor

Olan Prenatt – Famous Instagram Influencer

Chelsea Tavares – Famous Actress

Hyoon – Famous Twitch Streamer

Sydel Curry – Famous Instagram Influencer

Natasha O’keeffe – Famous Actress

Ava Rose – Famous Tiktoker

Chelan Simmons – Famous Actress

Aja Metoyer – Famous Reality TV Star

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