Savarre impressively blends rock with engaging lyrics in ‘Unbeautiful’

Unbeautiful is a beautiful release from Savarre, the rising avant-garde spectra rock band that creates truly unique and defiant music. Their authenticity and raw power rallies against
oppression and existing dogmas that continue to hurt people and limit their lives.

Based in New York, Savarre is led by Shannon Denise Evans, a novelist, composer, playwright, singer, and songwriter, who brings her bountiful talents to create a unique experience, sharp and poignant lyrics. The band rallies against oppression with a deep sense of right and wrong, questioning the society we live in. Evans’ powerful beliefs run through each of the lyrics.


Unbeautiful is a reflection of Evans’ own experience. This outlier did not fit societal beauty standards or coolness and faced the consequences: bullying, judgment, and getting ignored. The song honors everyone who has ever felt like this, like a misfit. It creates more awareness of the importance of the people who do not conform to social standards. Evans truly believes that misfits are the future, that they make the world interesting and prevent it from stagnating, from becoming stale. The song is all about celebrating our differences and encouraging people to make waves rather than put out the light that makes them special.

As a storyteller through and through, Evans puts her talent to good use in creating Unbeautiful, a literary and powerful piece. Savarre stands out for its rawness, vibrancy, and passion. It is expansive and authentic, with a lot of force that combines edgy rock music and powerful storytelling.

Unbeautiful is sure to prove a hit with rock fans looking for alternative voices and new styles. It offers an amazing blend of genres through a rock lens with various creative tools to achieve a lot of emotional resonance. It is also likely to please music fans hoping to discover a new and empowering song to add to their playlists. With strong vocals and lyrics, a powerful emotion behind the text, and a message that is more needed than ever, Unbeautiful is likely to find a broad audience among rock fans and indie fans as well.

Stream the song today on Spotify and all the main music platforms. Follow Savarra’s page on Instagram @savarreofficial to enjoy visual elements that resonate with the music this group creates.


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