What is igram.io and how to use it?

Instagram is one of the leading social networks. In particular, it is one that provides access to a lot of images, memories, and content. All our favorite influencers use Instagram, and that’s also true of our favorite artists. igram.io is a website that offers a great complementary tool for Instagram, allowing users to download their favorite content and access it offline as well.

iGram provides the service of easily downloading Instagram photos, videos, and IGTV videos as well. It’s easy to use and available for all devices, including mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

How to use this service?

It’s all very easy and user-friendly. First, the user needs to open the Instagram app or open the desired target online through the website. Then, they need to copy the URL of the photo, video, carrousel, IGTV video, or reel video.


The user can paste the link into the field of iGram and click the download button. This will offer them several options for downloading the content in a way that fits their needs, offering different quality levels and formats for their convenience.

iGram allows the user to download all types of Instagram content easily to enjoy offline. Moreover, it gives all the power to the user, allowing them to choose their preferred format, quality, and so on, and making it easy to download individual photos or videos, as well as specific formats, for instance, IGTV, which usually features longer videos that are perfect for enjoying during one’s commute or off-hours.

iGram is an excellent Instagram downloader service that allows users to download multiple images or image carousels and videos. It makes the process easy and intuitive.

The service offers the most popular and most convenient formats for images and videos. In particular, it uses jpg for pictures and mp4 for videos. These are the most common formats that ensure that quality is preserved and that the file sizes are not too much.

iGram is available for all devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs. It is also compatible with different operating systems and has been tested for Mac and Windows, and, for mobile devices, for iOS and Linux. In addition, it runs well on all the main browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chromium, and others, both on desktop and on mobile.

The videos and pictures can be downloaded with different quality options, with the highest resolution being the same one as on Instagram. iGram does not limit the number of videos or content any user can download; however, it does limit downloads to only public accounts to respect the users’ privacy and copyright.

Closing Remarks

Overall, iGram is a tool that shines for its simplicity. It’s easy to use and has all the right tools that allow the user to download the content they want to keep offline. In addition, it provides just the right number of features that make it a great choice and is a tool that is focused on exactly what it needs to focus. iGram is intuitive and quick.


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