Lancaster 16-18 – ‘Inspiring a way of living in the heart of Barcelona’

“The perfect combination of past and present.”

Lancaster 16-18, a set of buildings originally built in the 18th century, are now being restored to a charming Obra Nueva project designed by Mano Architectura. The restoration is being carried out by expert craftsmen using top-of-the-line materials and state- of-the-art construction techniques, to give it a perfectly detailed and displayed finish. They are driven by the highest standards and meticulous attention to detail, which preserves the unique architectural character of the buildings while giving all it’s tenants a real sense of Barcelona’s old town charm combined with the comfort and luxury of the 21st century. The full construction works of the luxury apartment will be completed in May 2022.

The Location

This makes them an ideal tourist destination for tourists from around the world.

The Apartments

All residences feature:

  •  Stylish “Micro Terrazzo” floors
  •  High-end open kitchens with “Micro Terrazzo” countertops and islands

The set of buildings of the Lancaster 16-18 are located on Lancaster Street, close to La Rambla, behind the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona. It is also in close proximity to La Rambla, Palau Güell, Plaça Real, two subway stations, La Boquería Market, Plaza Cataluña and four universities.

The apartments have been restored in a modern and polished way, featuring a collection of various different apartment styles and sizes.

  •  Integral high quality appliances
  •  Iconic Faucets
  •  Eco-friendly Mitsubishi air conditioning and water heating systems
  •  High ceilings with the traditional Barcelona beams
  •  Special elements preserved and restored from the old buildings
  •  Private balconies in many of the apartments
  •  Two Large and charming rooftop terraces for the use of all residents
  •  Obra Nueva – 10 year warranty on all structural elements and water damage


The Neighborhood

There are also two beautifully designed terraces with greenery and various sunny and shady seating areas, waiting for the tenants on the Terrace, which can be a perfect place to spend an afternoon or an evening.

The buildings are located in the newly founded neighbourhood of El Raval, which is adjacent to the old gothic quarter, south of La Rambla. Thanks to its central location and proximity to main tourist attractions, the neighborhood underwent major changes in recent years: new art galleries, cool designer shops, restaurants and bars have been opened, and the area is undergoing some major urban development.

The neighbourhood is generally calm for Barcelona, with few to no bottle parties taking place, and public places of interest maintaining the quiet rule of no loud noises above 76dB past 10pm at night.

About the Architect


MANO Arquitectura is an architectural firm directed by Sebastian Machado Ferrari. Made up by a group of multidisciplinary and international architects, the team has the capacity to respond to the new challenges of each project.

The team is internationally recognized for its creativity, fearless proposals and innovation, creating architectural projects that aim to thrill and improve different and better ways of living. By mastering techniques, they can use more tools and materials to make the buildings more than just a construction.

For that purpose, they work, think and draw together with the engineers, consultants and artisans who are going to make the project complete, in order to interlink the drawn project and the finished building.

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