Rendezvous with Jerry JeanLouis from Haiti, Founder of Hejec Security Transportation. 

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Jerry JeanLouisFounder of Hejec Security Transportation. 

Hi Jerry, Great to have you with us today! How are you?

Hi, I am wonderful, excited, and motivated as usual. 

We know you are from Haiti, and lately, we have been gathering some devastating news from Haiti? 

Yes, indeed, life has been a little bit complicated for us, but you know, as Haitian, we are always focused on finding a way out. It might be challenging these days, but we are hopeful that the country will overcome some days. We lost the president tragically; an earthquake hit the south of Haiti and a massive exodus to the US border from Haiti to South America, Mexico, and sadly they got deported once they arrived at their destination. These last events sadden me when you think about this March that lasted close to two months in a quest for a better living condition. I feel powerless!

How’s HEJEC doing?

HEJEC is doing good. We celebrated our 11th anniversary last September with a week of prayers and small donations. Now, HEJEC USA, it’s official under HEJEC enterprises, we are working to put together a small fleet of 18 wheelers, a new investment of about half a million dollars with our American partners. In Haiti, we conducted some awesome contractual agreements in the pharmaceutical industry as well as a school supply. 

How do you manage all of this?

With God and a great competent and reliable staff. Sleep late, wake up early, rest to refresh the idea. Stay on top of reports, constantly studying the numbers. Make sure we have employees that are organization fit and able to live up to the organization’s culture. And of course, Innovation technology is a big part of staying up to date. 

What are you bringing to the table in terms of innovation?

Logistics transportation and supply chain management period requires big tech. Now the world is very technological, and it’s all about big data. As for us, we are at the E Log Age that could later be followed by a Terrell electronic mapping addition. It’s the action of collecting all of our data from previous sites we visited with their coordinates and putting them in one place. All of these inputs will enable us to provide a smoother service reduce delivery time, help drivers find their way easier and ride safely. Reduced unnecessary holds. 

It was a tremendous pleasure to hear from you again, Jerry!

Likewise, thanks for inviting me!


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