Colorado based hip hop artist Josh da Libra is generating a huge buzz with his latest release ‘Alone’.

Alone is the brand new release from Josh da Libra, an alternative hip-hop artist who is making waves in the rap scene. Josh da Libra is an artist and producer working from Colorado who is bringing a lot of innovation to his musical production. His unique sound is memorable and appealing, offering a combination of rap and alternative music inspired by many different influences from J. Cole to Kendrick Lamar.

Alone is the newest release that shines a spotlight on Josh’s unique style and ability to create complex arrangements that bring together a variety of genres to create compositions with a wide appeal and a lot of conceptual thinking behind them. As the name suggests, Alone explores the topic of loneliness and artistry that pushes against the barriers that society creates.

Even though we might feel alone, we never truly are – because we always have ourselves. We compete with ourselves and build ourselves up, even when it’s hard, and society creates barriers that make this difficult. We can move past these barriers, however, and defy everyone who has ever said that what we wanted is impossible. The song takes the idea of loneliness to a really empowering place and reminds the listener of how much power they have.

The lyrics are strong, with a distinctive and memorable message, but the melody doesn’t fall far behind. With a pleasant sound and a catchy, stylish beat, the track offers an engaging listening experience that is sure to please fans of alternative music and hip-hop as well.

Josh really shines in the balance he creates between sound and lyrics, and Alone is a great example of the work he does in this regard. The song builds upon previous releases and is as experimental as his other body of work, blending genres and offering a mix of various melodies that come together with harmony. It’s a great place to start and get to know this artist. Alone and other pieces by Josh are sure to please those looking for experiments within the hip-hop genre, in particular, those that blur the lines between rap and alternative and use the strongest points of each to create something fresh, unique, and memorable. Fans of more experimental music and genre mixes are certain to enjoy Alone. It is also likely to please those looking for a song with solid lyrics and an empowering message that does not cross the line into being cheesy or too much. Alone offers a great view of what Josh da Libra can accomplish. It promises a lot for his future work and upcoming releases that are sure to offer even more experimental tracks and different options for fans of alternative music and hip-hop.

Alone is available for streaming on Spotify and all the other major music platforms. Make sure to follow the artist to stay tuned for any future releases.

Connect with Josh on Instagram @joshthomas4real to learn more about his music and discover the projects he is working on right now. 


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