Rendezvous with Kristin Holm, Author of powerful dystopian style thrilling book – ‘The Community’.

The Community is the thrilling 2021 book release from Kristin Holm. With a powerful dystopian-style setting, the book engages with complex topics in an exciting ride that will have the readers on the edge of their seats. 

The Community is a place with a heart that was corrupted by greed. The people here have to work off their debts or be sent to the Medical Waste Facility, exactly as pleasant as it sounds. Evie is another of these souls, but one who dreams of freedom for the people she loves before her own. Evie wants nothing more than to free her family from this terrible place and terrible fate, and for this, she must first work off her debt and then theirs.

Working towards this goal, Evie finds herself forced into the service of Elias Huntley, one who holds a lot of power within the Community and one who holds many secrets in his hands, secrets that will not Evie simply do what she intends. Elias also develops an obsession with the girl as his secrets threaten her, which threatens everything she holds dear. Now, she must race against someone with untold power before she and all her loved ones are trapped forever.

The book is a thrilling ride through a world of intrigue and danger. With a sympathetic protagonist pitted against harsh reality, the book takes the reader to dark and exciting places alongside Evie, who uncovers the worst the Community has to offer. Heart against greed, the book is a wild experience that offers twists and turns and a lot of tension. 


Kirstin E. Holm creates a plausible world corrupted in a noir-like fashion, where greed rules, but not all are subject to its power. With Evie, the reader discovers the darkness and cruelty, always rooting for the protagonist to succeed as they unveil more layers to the Community and everything it holds within.

Scheduled for a January of 2022 release, The Community is sure to find a lot of readers among those who enjoy dystopian fiction and sci-fi concepts. In addition, it is likely to resonate with those looking for something dark and thrilling but not cynical enough to paint every character too gray. With a blend of elements, the novel takes a new approach to dystopias, creating its own setting and style in a way that is sure to resonate with those who want to journey to the dark side and a dark future for a while.

The book offers a stylish setting and an engaging protagonist, caught against impossible odds. The Community itself offers a lot of great details that build a tight world. The novel is thrilling, allowing for a lot of suspense and tension as the readers journey along with Evie to even more dangerous waters. 

The Community is coming to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other book retailers. It is available for preorders now as a hardback and a paperback. Make sure you discover the secrets at the heart of the Community and stay tuned for future releases from Holm.


We had the pleasure of interviewing Kristin Holm. Here are excerpts from the Interview.

Hi Kristin, Great to have you with us today. Please introduce yourself and tell us about what it is that you do. 

I am the author of the novel The Community, which is now available for preorder and released January 1st, 2022.

Besides becoming an author, I am a chef. I have been in the culinary industry for over ten years, but now I am realizing my dream of becoming a published author. I have been writing The Community for over two years, and it’s amazing to finally see it come to life. 

Please tell us about your book, The Community.

The Community takes place in a corrupt society where individuals can be sold to work in the Community. It is up to those who are sold to work off the amount they are sold for. The story follows a young woman named Evie, who is fighting for the freedom and happiness of her loved ones. 

In my book, I wanted to portray the struggle and prejudice that those in poverty suffer through. I feel that it is a topic that isn’t discussed enough in the world and is an issue that needs to be addressed. Many suffer in poverty and are judged for it, even if their circumstances are not their own fault.

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

For more information and updates on The Community, readers can find me on my Facebook @KristinHolmAuthor and Instagram @kristin_holm_author.

I hope you and your readers are interested, and I look forward to seeing everyone’s feedback. I hope you all enjoy this book and hope you enjoy more of my work in the future! 


Thank you so much, Kristin, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!

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