Why Building a Company Fleet is Good For Your Brand?

A company fleet is an investment that pays for itself over time. It is not easy to decide whether or not you should invest in a company fleet, but the benefits are clear. This article will discuss how building a company fleet has helped businesses grow and why it may be suitable for your brand.

1. Reduced Cost

It is vital to building a company fleet when you have a large number of employees that need transportation for them to perform their jobs. Rather than purchasing one-off vehicles, it’s more economical and efficient to purchase cars in bulk from the same manufacturer. For instance, you can decide to ship cars from California to Hawaii collectively.

Such a technique will save money on shipping costs since all your vehicles can travel in bulk. If you ship the entire company fleet at once, it can reduce shipping costs by 80%. The same principle applies when you are purchasing a group of fleet vehicles from a manufacturer or dealership. The higher the number of vehicles purchased, the higher the discounts will be.

2. Enhanced Mobility

A company fleet is essential because it gives employees a reliable means of transportation. Employees will know that there will be a form of transportation when needed to get them to different job sites and meetings. Also, it reduces stress for your employees who may not have transportation means. This means that skilled employees will be of greater use to your business, no matter their transportation or economic status.

3. Improved Image of Company to Customers and Staff

A company fleet is a sign of success that will improve the image of an organization in the eyes of your employees, customers, and vendors. If people see that the company is constantly investing money into vehicles to benefit them, they will trust its brand.

Customers know when companies take care of their staff members because it shows how much they value them, which makes them value the company too. The latter will increase sales and revenue because people are more receptive to the business when they know it cares about them.

Effective branding of your company vehicles will help draw in new customers. Many companies use flashy colors and logos on the sides of their company vehicles to draw attention to their brand and guide potential customers to their phone numbers and website. Using company vehicles for this purpose is also a good idea because of the use of fleet management software.

Fleet management software installed in company vehicles will help ensure that employees are driving in a safe and respectful manner. By utilizing tools such as hard brake checking and harsh acceleration monitoring to keep employees in check, the company can be assured that its drivers are behaving in a professional manner while on the road. A poor driver can really tarnish the overall image of the company.

3. More Bargaining Power When it Comes to Insurance Coverage

Having a company fleet is great for your budget because it gives you better bargaining power when negotiating with an insurance provider. Insurance providers will consider how much money and time the organization will spend buying bulk cars to ship. Therefore, it means they may be willing to lower the cost of coverage if not provide free coverage for small lengths of time. Such techniques can give businesses a leg up.

Building a company fleet is suitable for any business because it reduces costs while improving employee morale and creating better relationships with clients. Consequently, it increases revenue through improved sales.

It’s beneficial to ship vehicles from the same manufacturer to reduce shipping costs and keep track of the fleet. Such an action will help a company know when a car is due for replacement.

Building a company fleet can be expensive upfront, but it will eventually pay off after the first year because of reduced cost and improved image. It’s important to consider how much money the company spends on transportation monthly as well.

4. Improved Logistics

A company fleet can improve distribution because it allows employees to ship vehicles faster and more efficiently. The enterprise will also be able to ship multiple vehicles at once instead of shipping them one by one. The latter means less time wasted each month on transportation costs which is great for businesses that ship many cars monthly like car dealerships, leasing companies, and rental companies.

5. Establishment of a Centralized Logistics System

A company fleet can help a business set up a centralized logistics system that keeps track of the fleet. Therefore, it will allow employees to ship cars from one location to another. Also, it makes shipping easier since all vehicles are located in one area.

6. Gives a Competitive Edge

A company needs a robust logistics system to remain competitive in today’s business environment. Each car means less money spent on shipping, providing more significant advantages. Such benefits include lower overhead, improved image, and more sales revenue due to increased customer satisfaction.

It is crucial to ship cars from the same manufacturer so the enterprise can get a discount on shipping costs. In addition, shipping from the same manufacturer reduces paperwork because multiple manufacturers will make it difficult for employees to keep track of all vehicles.

Many alternatives need to be considered when building a company fleet, such as renting vs. buying or leasing and how the company plans on keeping track of the fleet. Other factors worth noting include choosing one carmaker over another depending on price and the type of vehicles the company needs in order to carry out business.


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