King Cupid’s new track ‘Double Take’ offers an alluring and charismatic experience!!

Double Take is the fresh release from the talented artist King Cupid who continues to please and thrill his audiences with a lot of sensuality, pleasure, and an exciting new sound.

King Cupid offers a sound with a lot of aura to it. It is stylish, offering lyrics that are fun and suggestive in the most enjoyable way. The song mixes trap vibes and has a style reminiscent of torrid bars where the unexpected can happen. King Cupid offers a song that is sure to please an LGBTQ+ audience and any listeners looking for something fun and sexy.

King Cupid has been working on this project for a while and has become notorious on the Chicago scene as a musician and emcee and as an actor who is soon to star in a few local endeavors.

Double Take follows the successful Gang Gang, offering more of the magnetic performance by the artist. It pushes boundaries and creates an experience that blends rhythm and vocals to create something truly engaging.

Born Ellis Lonnie Peal lV, King Cupid is a rapper and social media influencer based in Chicago. He is recognized for his musical versatility and the unique image he has cultivated, as well as his King Cupid persona. He began rapping as a teenager and has since gained a significant number of followers, thanks to his work.

As his name would suggest, this artist often focuses on music’s sensual and sexual aspects to create something bursting with charisma and appeal. Double Take follows this trend and offers an alluring and tempting experience that draws the listener in and holds nothing back. The song is full of clever lyrics and innuendos that add to the listener’s experience.


The video for Double Take is as suggestive and sexy as the song itself. With visuals that bring to mind seedy bars and clubs, it creates a strong ambiance that offers the perfect complement for the track. With thousands of views already, it is bringing in more fans every day. King Cupid stands out, thanks to his unique style and unabashed self-expression, which shows how comfortable he is with himself and how his music invites the listener to let go of their inhibitions as well. Double Take offers a lot of steamy and suggestive scenes that create a fun experience, combining the music and the visuals in a bold way that brings together different genres and styles.

You can find Double Take on all main music streaming websites. Check out the music video for the track as well, available on YouTube. Make sure to follow King Cupid on Spotify and hit him up on Instagram @kingcupidmusic to make sure you don’t miss his new projects. Stay tuned for the artist’s acting projects as well.


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