Hi everyone.

Good to know that you are interested in getting to learn more about us. I want to share our story here about how betterauds started.


A few years ago, when I was in college doing I.T. Engineering. That was the time when the era of blogging began. At that time, My girlfriend & I, being geeks, were very interested in getting to know more about how blogging works, how we can get more visitors to a site. It all seemed very interesting.

That was the time when we started with the journey towards our dream!

We always used to believe that websites have a massive advantage over traditional businesses. For example, If you look at a physical mall, a place where you love to go and shop. The mall has a limitation about how many numbers of people can accommodate at any given point in time. Even if it is a huge mall, there would still be a limitation upon how many people can visit it.

That's the beauty of websites. A website has no limit to how many people can visit it at any given point in time. (Provided, it has excellent hosting, more on that later.)

So, we always wanted to get into blogging, help others by telling them about the marvels of the latest happenings in the technology industry. 

Help others by guiding them on how their websites can get discovered. How can they get more customers or prospects online?

So, we decided to try how it works. We started a blog during our post-graduation just for fun. We did not know the technicalities of it. We kept reading about it, trying new things. We were learning from our experience of what worked and what did not. We did make some mistakes as well, but we learned from them. We shifted from blogger.com to wordpress.com. 

We had a fantastic blog. The blog had just started getting thousand plus visitors a month. 

Then, Life took an interesting turn. We had just finished post-graduation. Both of us got exciting job offers from very reputed companies. So, we went in for the jobs. The companies did have a policy that we can not have income from multiple sources. So, with a heavy heart, we decided not to continue the blog.

We wanted to give our best at what we were doing. We both liked our job. It was a great experience. Even after a few years in the job, we still had that burning desire to have our own business. 

Although we had stopped blogging, in some deep corner of our hearts, the desire to have our own business lurked. The desire to be able to connect with an audience through a blog was there. Sometimes, you are feeling satisfied with the money you are receiving. Still, you know you have more potential, waiting to be discovered.

Both of us have this burning desire to be at our best and achieve the freedom associated with running our own business. Both of us decided that this is our calling.

So, together we decided to resign from our jobs and start this incredible journey of betterauds.com!

We want to help other people who believe in their dreams. We are committed to helping small business entrepreneurs, Authors, Artists, Filmmakers, and Successful people who want to share their stories with the world. 

We want to inspire people who are reading our blog. That's how we started Interviewing successful people that inspire others!

We also have a section on our blog that talks about Successful Celebrities.

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For any queries, please contact us: editor@betterauds.com