Listen to Jasmine L’Chelle’s bold rapping style and rhythms in her brand new release ‘You Can Get It’.

You Can Get It is the brand new project from Jasmine L’Chelle. A fun, bold, and exciting song, it brings a risque style to the table to challenge all haters with its provocative lyrics, music, and choreography.

Jasmine L’Chelle describes herself as a member of the “bad girl gang” of rappers who is not afraid to be open and strike with total honesty. The music video for You Can Get It is as provocative as the song, with a stylish choreography that fits perfectly with the track’s themes. The alluring dance style is just another way for the artist to express her power and show the world all she has to give. The song is a feminine power banger with a devil-may-care attitude that can inspire anyone to be authentic, no matter what goes on around them or the judgment they receive.

Jasmine L’Chelle is a rising star in the music industry who sings, raps, writes and even directs music videos. Born in Phoenix, AZ, Jasmine relocated to Hollywood, CA after high school. She had her first experiences with choir, band and dance that showcased her significant talents and stage presence as a child. She attended prestigious music academies in Hollywood and began a professional career with the release of two first singles, “Centerfold” and “Tipsy” in 2019.

Jasmine’s music blends trap, pop, and R&B elements to create something distinctly hers, with an edge and a grittiness that characterizes this artist. She makes empowering music in the best way, like a bad girl who does not care about social ideas or the limits that are often imposed on women. Jasmine wants to make her way forward and inspire others to do the same. Her songs are bold and shameless in how they promote self-love, confidence, and self-value. In terms of artistic influence, Jasmine draws the best elements from many different artists, such as Drake, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Beyoncé, TLC, and The Weeknd.

You can listen to You Can Get It today on all the major streaming platforms including YouTube and Spotify. Connect with Jasmine L’Chelle on Instagram @jasminelchelle and make sure to stay tuned for new releases from this bad girl rapper who is authentic and classy in all the best ways.


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