Copenhagen-based quartet ‘Tender Youth’ dropped their self-titled debut EP!

Tender Youth defies classification. The group defines themselves as shoegaze-meets-post-punk, and their music is every bit as chaotic, exciting, and fresh as this description would suggest. Their first album borrows their own name and the novelty that has characterized this group since their career beginnings in 2018. The band is made up of four high school students – Gregor, Jonathan, Vitus, and Tobias who bring a lot of authenticity to each track. Their music features heartfelt lyrics blended with a noisy, stylish soundscape.

The EP focuses on the experience of the young generation, the pressures they face, and the standards that are imposed on them, straight from the source of these young people who are facing these societal issues. Their well-applied angst offers a lot of raw emotion that is sure to resonate with young and older listeners as well.

Tender Youth started their path with live shows throughout their area and built a successful identity based on frenzy and energy. They believe that audiences need that jostle to truly engage with the music rather than remain idle in a way that keeps them complacent and unmoving. The debut EP has that same energy and style, which will certainly not leave people indifferent.

Produced by Sylvester Strückmann and recorded at Grapehouse Studios in Copenhagen, the recording session took place over the course of only one day, which helped create the urgency and live feeling that the quartet was striving for. The band’s work is full of youthful energy and emotion that is pure and raw. It bodes well for their future releases and reflects a lot of power that underlies both the lyrics and the sound.

Tender Youth is an uncompromising piece that reflects the discontent and anxieties of the young generation, from members of newer generations who are speaking for themselves and are not willing to hold back their push against societal standards. It is available on all the major streaming platforms. Make sure to follow Tender Youth on Instagram @tender.youth to stay tuned for any future releases.


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