Yuma Jazz Company has etched out brilliant vibes of jazz in their latest enthralling track, ‘Dime Store Novel.’

Just last month, Yuma Jazz Company introduced the new track, ‘Dime Store Novel.’ It is an excellent sample of the artists’ work and offers a modern jazz track mixed with other genres to create something novel and unique.

Dime Store Novel is featured on ‘Serenity,’ the latest album by YJC. The album was recorded at Studio 512 Productions, and styles include Latin, funk, fusion, and ballad, giving the listeners a distinctive listening experience.

Dime Store Novel is an original tune by trumpeter and composer Steven Hennig and is characterized by flawless teamwork and pitch-perfect delivery. Talented musicians namely Jason Arviso, Leo Papo Neblina, and Brandon Coz worked on guitar, bass, and percussion, respectively.


The Yuma Jazz Company has been together since 2002. The collective is dedicated to writing, developing, recording, and performing, focusing on jazz and all variations of this genre. They started rehearsing and working together at a few select locations around Arizona like Saint Paul’s Cultural Center, the Shilo Inn, and so on. They soon moved towards performing at private functions of all kinds, bringing their passion for jazz everywhere. Eventually, the group solidified as a quintet and began performing and recording original tunes. They released albums in 2004, 2006, 2010, 2014, 2020, and most recently ‘Serenity.’ The group has stayed together through the years, developing unique synchronicity and synergy, thanks to their personalities and talent. They keep their approach to music fresh by emphasizing improvisation but not making it too difficult or complex for audiences to follow.

Dime Store Novel is a track that truly brings together the quintet’s work throughout the past years. It is perfectly synched and offers a novel approach to jazz that makes it friendly to listeners with a passion for the genre and those with little experience. The track and Serenity, the album on which it is featured, offer a unique approach and a lot of style and flair that is reminiscent of the golden days of jazz and bring in some innovation to create something fresh and unique. If you enjoyed Dime Store Novel, you should also check out the previous releases from the quintet.

Listen to Dime Store Novel on Spotify, SoundCloud, and other major music streaming platforms. Make sure to connect with the Yuma Jazz Company online and stay tuned for any exciting new releases. You can find more of their tracks, live performances, and bookings on their website.


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