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Hey guys, It’s time for the monthly blog archives once again. In December, We published a total of 84 blog posts.

At BetterAuds, we want to inspire our readers by sharing success stories from people around the world. We got the opportunity to share success stories of achievers from multiple fields including Musicians, Authors and Entrepreneurs. You may want to check our November blog archives post as well.

Here is a Summary of this month’s Archives

You can catch up with any of these posts, please see them below:

Success Stories:

What does a life well lived mean to you? Find the answer in the podcast Arner Adventures by Gerry and Shannon Arner

Author Brittany Ziegler has created a heart-pounding sci-fi adventure with her fantasy novel series ‘Make Me Exist’

With powerful vocals and strong energy, music artist DISTRXCT brings his latest release, Do It To It (Remix)

Haitian Doll offers an exclusive collection of the hottest new Swim and Cosmetic line by Jo Bella.

Youtuber and Author LizzieKaren shares her dream regressions on her channel LizzieKaren Dreams of Atlantis.

Rendezvous with Cansu Olce from Australia – A Mathematician and Top Quora writer in Psychology

Independent Music Artist Nikki Chainz’s captivating music video ‘Where Are You’ creates a soothing aura

New York-based artist Esglo casts a powerful spell with the EDM Rhythms in his album ‘Poetic Trance’

Founder Chanel L. Ashford is helping the beautiful country of Belize be recognized through her company Gracebank Creations

Country Music Singer and Songwriter Brittney Dixon dishes out new single ‘Ride Out’.

Music is a transcendent form of art for composer Javier Velez a.k.a. Versal. Check out his latest, ‘Versal Volume 2.’

Steph Lyon’s latest EP, Keep It Moving gives a powerful message with strong drill energy.

YouTuber and Car Enthusiast DeMarcus Carvain shares how his love for cars started when he was a kid.

Asem’s latest hit ‘Pew Pew’ is a powerful and flamboyant song

Michigan based band Roots Asylum affirm their position in the roots rock realm with their latest EP ‘Home Brew’.

Australian Author Takani Dillon’s debut novella, In the Dust is rebellious and passionate.

The album ‘Death By Design’ from Salt Lake City-based band inerror offers a deeply emotional experience for fans.

‘The Smartest Person in the Room’ by Christian Espinosa unveils a powerful 7 step process that awakens your leadership and life skills.

Meet Jeanne Hopkins, an industry thought leader and recipient of multiple awards for her marketing successes!!

Get on an epic journey by reading ‘The Elder Scrolls – Zaneta’s Chronicles: Part Three: The Lost Mane’ by Author Adrian Lee Zuniga

She worked as a doumi in downtown Los Angeles. Jess talks about her struggles with mental health.

She helps overwhelmed people from around the world recover from chronic illness naturally. Meet Taleta, Author of The Self-Healer’s Handbook.

An insight into the book, ‘Grief and Empathy: In a society that does not know how to grieve’ by Author Nikolaos Euterpe

Artist Deadphonecalls’s recently released music video, ‘Revolution Day’ takes you to another dimension of majestic sounds.

Join an exciting musical journey with Steffan Rundquist’s latest release ‘Love me Tonight’.

She is a role model for many marketers! Meet Jeanne Hopkins, Chief Revenue Officer at

New York based Artist Arrow Santi dishes out exclusive rap in ‘Not Happy’!

Zaythemusic and Jayywallin’s latest EP, ‘The Chosen Ones’, reflects passion, power & inspiration!

California based Rapper Ryan Gacy is creating some major buzz with his music.

Yuma Jazz Company has etched out brilliant vibes of jazz in their latest enthralling track, ‘Dime Store Novel.’



James Charles – Famous Influencer

Nicki Minaj – Famous Rapper

James Franco – Famous Actor

David Murrietta Jr – Famous Influencer

Aikuros – Famous Influencer

Plushys (Earlier known as Angelskimi) – Famous Twitch Streamer

Scarlett Johansson – Famous Actress

Katie Tua – Famous Instagram Influencer

Stevie Wonder – Famous Singer & Songwriter

Jay-Z – Famous Rapper

Lil Wayne – Famous Rapper

Drake – Famous Rapper

Cardi B – Famous Rapper

Kris Jenner – Famous Reality TV Star

Kim Kardashian – Famous Reality TV Star

Enrique Iglesias – Famous Singer

Nick Jonas – Famous Singer

Bruno Mars – Famous Singer

Rihanna – Famous Singer

Demi Lovato – Famous Singer

Jennifer Lopez – Famous Singer

Zayn Malik – Famous Singer

Katy Perry – Famous Singer

Miley Cyrus – Famous Singer

Ariana Grande – Famous Singer

Justin Bieber – Famous Singer

Loren Gray – Famous Influencer

Selena Gomez – Famous Singer

Taylor Swift – Famous Singer

Michael Jackson – Famous Singer

Baby Ariel – Famous Singer

Beyonce – Famous Singer

Alexandra Creteau – Famous Actress and Influencer

Victor Williams – Famous Actor

Kelsey Kreppel – Famous Youtuber

Jazmine Lucero – Famous Actress and Influencer

Ryker Baloun – Famous Actor and Influencer

Charli D’Amelio – Famous Influencer

Pharrell Williams – Famous Rapper

Lin Manuel Miranda – Famous Actor

James D’Arcy – Famous Actor

Rachel Anne McAdams – Famous Actress

Fabrizio Zacharee Guido – Famous Actor

Rakhee Thakrar – Famous Actress

Genea Charpentier – Famous Actress

Nathalie Boltt – Famous actress

Ruby Lightfoot – Famous Model and Influencer

Andie MacDowell – Famous Actress

Leigh McClendon – Famous Tiktoker

Guest Posts:

Auto Review Magazine: The Ultimate Source for Car Reviews.

Growth story of Milloret – An International family business based in London



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