She helps overwhelmed people from around the world recover from chronic illness naturally. Meet Taleta, Author of The Self-Healer’s Handbook.

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Taleta, Author of The Self Healer’s Handbook: A Practical Guide to Awakening Your Self-Healing Power.

Hi Taleta, Great to have you with us today! Please tell us about what it is that you do.

I am the author of The Self Healer’s Handbook: A Practical Guide to Awakening Your Self-Healing Power. I am also a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Bioenergetics Practitioner, International Yoga Teacher, and Reiki Master. I am the Founder of Amala Moon Holistic Health and creator of the Total Transformation Method. In a nutshell, I help overwhelmed people from around the world recover from chronic illness naturally! 


Please share with our readers more about your journey.

In 2002, my daughter, who was four years old at the time, was diagnosed with Systemic Rheumatoid arthritis. My heart sank when the doctors told me she would have this for life and long-term medication was the only solution; however, I intuitively knew that I could heal her naturally, without the side effects that often come along with pharmaceutical drugs! 

So, I set off on a mission to learn everything I could to heal her naturally. I studied naturopathy and Reiki, and after one year of giving her a plant-based diet, certain supplements, and energy healing treatments, she went into full remission, much to the disbelief of the allopathic doctors who were treating her! 

However, I was suffering from severe anxiety and panic attacks at the time, and I later developed mystery neurological symptoms, which left all the doctors and specialists who were treating me perplexed. I also struggled with painful endometriosis alongside debilitating vertigo attacks, which left me bedridden and jobless. 

For years I went from doctor to doctor, and I received multiple tests, pharmaceuticals, and even surgery, and after numerous visits to the ER, no one could explain why I was so chronically ill. 

Fortunately, my concerned mother gave me a book called Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal by Anthony William, which I devoured in just a few days, and I immediately began implementing all his recommendations! I noticed a drastic improvement in my symptoms after a few months, and within a year or so, I went back to fully living again. I owe a lot to Anthony William and the Medical Medium information. Without that book, I strongly believe that I would still be battling over 70 symptoms and conditions. It was life-changing information! 

It’s a long, dark, and often lonely road when you’re battling chronic illness, and there are so many trendy traps and health misinformation out there. It can be hard knowing what to do to recover your health and get your life back on track. 

I spent over five years recording and documenting everything I did to recover my health and heal my daughter’s auto-immune disease. I wrote it all down because somehow, deep down, I knew that it would be useful to someone out there, someday. Looking back, I am so glad I did because chronic illness and disease are the real epidemic of our time! 

Please share more about your book, The Self Healer’s Handbook: A Practical Guide to Awakening Your Self-Healing Power.

The Self-Healer’s Handbook contains three sections: Mental and Emotional Wellness, Physical Wellness, and Spiritual and Energetic Wellness. It’s a fluff-free, all-in-one guidebook that people can turn to again and again. It contains everything I did to heal myself and my daughter in very easy, achievable steps. Inside, you will find a complete beginner’s guide to yoga, 47 delicious and easy-to-make plant-based recipes, detox, nutritional and supplementation recommendations, and all the practices and techniques that I used to heal myself that actually work. 

The truth is, we are living in a toxic world, and we are all harbouring various strains of pathogens, including viruses like Epstein-Barr and bacteria like Streptococcus, which are not picked up by blood tests and go largely unnoticed. If we aren’t actively cleansing our bodies from the pathogens, toxins, and poisons, then they can build up in our bodies and make us sick because pathogens and toxins are the true causes behind chronic illness! 

Epstein-Barr virus has mutated over the years into even stronger strains, and it loves to feed on certain foods such as toxic heavy metals, eggs, dairy, and gluten so it can grow stronger in numbers. So, the key to healing is to send these culprits packing so we can recover our health and reclaim our life! 


Please tell us more about your company, Amala Moon Holistic Health.

My company, Amala Moon Holistic Health, was born to help people recover their health through my various books, online courses, and programs, which aim to empower people with the right information so they can implement the changes necessary and become their own healer. 


What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

The one thing that helped me overcome my health challenges was to adopt a healing mindset rather than staying stuck in a victim-based mentality. This shift in thinking helped set the foundation for me to implement the lifestyle changes that were needed to heal myself. Please know that I am not saying that your thoughts are creating your illness. Despite what you have been told, your genes aren’t faulty, your body doesn’t attack itself, and you did not create your illness. Pathogens and toxins are the true causes behind your illness, symptom, or condition. Not you! 


Any message for our readers.

Your body is always working hard for you; it would never turn against you. You just need to give it the right ingredients so it can heal and thrive. 

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

To find out more, you can follow me on Twitter @TaletaMcdonald and Facebook @AmalaMoonHolisticHealth.

You can also check out my Instagram @amalamoonholistichealth or visit my website.


Thank you so much, Taleta, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!

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