James Charles – Famous Influencer

Who is James Charles?

He is a YouTuber from the U.S. who gained a lot of fame and recognition as a beauty vlogger and a personality working in the fields of make-up, beauty, and fashion.


23 May 1999

Birth Place

Bethlehem, New York, The United States of America

Zodiac Sign


Personal Life

James Charles’ father was a contractor. The YouTuber came out as gay when he was 12 and is very open with this aspect of his identity. He reported experiencing a lot of bullying due to his hobbies but chose to ignore it.

Professional Life

James Charles started doing make-up as an amateur. He taught himself and began doing gigs as an amateur make-up artist and hairstylist; first, just for friends, then professionally. In 2015, Charles started doing videos for YouTube, creating make-up tutorials. In 2016, he went viral thanks to a retake he did of his senior portrait. By 2016, Charles became a brand ambassador for CoverGirl, the first man to do this, and began appearing on ads for CoverGirl’s So Lashy, a new mascara. He also started to try his hand at entrepreneurship, releasing the clothing line Sisters Apparel and a make-up line titled the Sister Collection. It was released in 2018 jointly with Morphe Cosmetics. At the same time, James Charles continued to grow his channel, reaching 10 million subscribers by 2019. He began doing make-up for high-profile celebrities, for instance, Iggy Azalea’s make-up for promotional shots. Charles also appeared in the music video for the same single she was promoting. He also appeared in the music video Canceled by Larray.

Charles served as the host for the series Instant Influencer, a YouTube Originals reality TV show, which earned him a Streamy Award, although he did not return for the series’s second season. He has done a series of videos where he did the make-up for high-profile figures, such as reality stars like Kim Kardashian, JoJo Siwa, and Kylie Jenner, musicians like Doja Cat, Lil Nas X, and Kesha, and influencers like Charli D’Amelio. Charles released his musical cover in 2021 with the song Drivers License.

James Charles has gained notoriety for his beauty tutorials, personality, and approach to make-up as an art form and a way to find self-expression. He has developed a huge and loyal following. Unfortunately, his career has been impacted by various allegations against him and several conflicts with other personalities.


James Charles is among YouTube’s top beauty bloggers, notorious in part thanks to his age and being male, which has led to shifts among men in terms of make-up use and acceptability.
The fan community for James Charles is called sisters.

In 2019, James Charles was involved in a feud with another make-up artist and influencer, Tati Westbrook. He got a lot of support. The feud was highly publicized and discussed.
Due to allegations of sexual harassment, James Charles’ channel was briefly demonetized, and Morphe Cosmetics cut tied with him. However, the YouTuber came back to the platform in July of 2021.


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