Music is a transcendent form of art for composer Javier Velez a.k.a. Versal. Check out his latest, ‘Versal Volume 2.’

Released on December 16 on all major music platforms, ‘Versal Volume 2’ is the newest release from Javier Velez, professionally known as ‘Versal.’ He focuses on instrumentals and ambient sounds to create a unique listening experience.

The tracks in ‘Versal Volume 2’ are all original compositions, hybrid of orchestral and electronic, with some modern electronic percussion as well. The album instantly transports listeners to a good place through the soothing instrumental arrangement.

Javier Velez is renowned for his musical versatility. Starting his musical journey at the tender age of 6, he plays piano, organ, classical guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, trumpet, and more. He started composing when he was just 13 and recorded in a studio for the first time when he was 14. By 20, he upheld his prodigy status by conducting and arranging a handbell choir in Puerto Rico.

Versal Volume 2 reflects his wide knowledge and expertise with various sounds. It starts with peaceful and romantic music to sharp and aggressive brass. Some songs are meditative with clear classical influences, while others show the influence of a variety of other genres with no limitations. With a grand piano as the central sound of the album, it has a strong through-line despite the variations and novelty of each track. The overall impression from the album is a soothing, healing, and pleasant set of tracks that challenge the audience on occasion to pay attention to the interplay between different instruments and the ways in which this artist blends genres to create a unique and memorable experience. The instrumentals are top-notch and made with a lot of care to create just the right experience for the audience. Versal Volume 2 is certain to thrill fans of instrumental music who are looking for modern takes that go across genres and are not afraid to take risks. The music is a perfect listen for a soothing experience.

Javier Velez was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Currently, he is based in Houston, Texas. In addition to his independent work, Velez has worked on film and documentaries, serving in roles like director, composer, editor, sound designer, colorist, and more. He also creates the artwork for his albums and is well-versed in and fond of all genres of music, from pop to orchestra. Velez believes that in its purest form, musical abstraction transcends languages, borders, cultures, ages, race, thus uniting us all and making music truly uniVERSAL.

You can find Versal Volume 2 on Spotify and other major music platforms. Discover his music on YouTube and follow Versal to know more about him.


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