Talented Rapper Darko The Super’s hot new music video ‘Hundred Percent’ mesmerizes the audience

Darko The Super is bringing his new music video, Hundred Percent. Directed by Ricardo Lorenzo, it is an exciting, diverse, and authentic piece with solid visuals that highlight the best aspects of the music.

Darko is a known rapper currently based in New Jersey that has stood out in the music scene, thanks to his eccentric and unconventional sound. His latest release was the full-length album Great White Buffalo, featuring Hundred Percent and other hits. A novel aspect is the sampling of Dean Friedman’s work that makes the album a collaborative effort. The artist was first inspired by Friedman’s legendary hit ‘Ariel.’ This piece strongly influenced Darko, and it led to the creation of this new art, Great White Buffalo. Darko offers strong delivery and biting lyrics that are not afraid to delve into the darker side of music.

The video is also heavy on influences and allusions, drawing from such classic sources as film director Dario Argento (best known for Suspiria) and American Psycho, which frames the reenactment of the classic Huey Lewis and the News scene. He also draws inspiration from JJ Doom’s Guv’nor. All these create a bizarre and stylish environment with visuals and sequences that bring to mind classic scenes viewed through a bizarre lens. The juxtaposition of the visuals and the artist helps create a surreal vibe that adds to the song’s impact.

Hundred Percent is a treat for the ears and the eyes, with a lot of creativity and impactful visuals that draw on familiar images to make new meanings. The trippy style and light vibes of the song contrast with the edge it has. The video has a strong identity and is not afraid to do its own thing.

Darko’s work and Hundred Percent, in particular, are likely to please fans of rap, especially those looking for something more novel and engaging. In addition, it can please fans of Dean Friedman who would like to see his work interpreted in a novel way. Hundred Percent looks good and sounds good, indeed an interesting indie option.

Hundred Percent is now available on all music platforms, including Spotify and YouTube. You can also buy CDs on U Don’t Deserve This Beautiful Art’s Bandcamp. Additionally, you can connect with Darko through his Twitter @DarkoTheSuper.



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