Rendezvous with Cansu Olce from Australia – A Mathematician and Top Quora writer in Psychology

Cansu Olce is a Mathematician, Professional Chess Player, Math Tutor, and a Top Writer on Psychology-related topics on Quora. With this polymath profile, she offers tutoring and coaching services to people in different situations. 

Olce was born in Eskisehir in Turkey. When she was just seven, she noticed not only a huge love for math but also a lot of aptitude for it that would guide her future career. She graduated from the Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics. After positive experiences teaching math to others, even as a student, she began offering an amazing tutoring service at A Star Maths ( She has also blogged about math. Her tutoring expertise goes back over a decade. Olce has developed her methods for quickly solving mathematical problems that she teaches to her students for their continued success, tutoring at a high school and university level. 

Maths can be complicated and often fall among the least favorite subjects of many, especially because they can be difficult to understand and are not usually explained in the best possible ways. However, Cansu has built her success thanks to her unique ability to make math easy and accessible to anyone by developing larger thinking skills and problem-solving abilities, explaining harder concepts and ideas in an easy-to-understand language, looking out for common misunderstanding. Her methods tend to be easier than traditional math education but no less effective and come with the added advantage of inspiration.

Cansu Olce

But this was not enough to satisfy her, and she chose to pursue more studies in other areas. Olce also has a diploma in Psychology that she has put to good use in two ways. Firstly, she works with people who have PTSD and PD and has had hundreds of clients with this profile. Secondly, she is the most viewed writer on Quora, with over 8.4 million views so far. Quora is a website that provides accurate answers to questions, and the best can read like top-notch essays. In addition to this, she is a competitive chess player thanks to her sharp mind and analytical ability. 

A Star Maths was founded with the idea of providing the best math tutoring service in Queensland, and the results have been great, thanks to the continued success of the students. Cansu has used her psychology and math knowledge to create a tutoring service that adapts to student’s needs and provides accurate information in simple terms, building long-term skills.

Olce is a multi-talented individual who has successfully combined her skills to excel at tutoring and writing, offering services that receive acclaim and reach goals successfully. It’s not too early nor too late to learn math and all the benefits that this entails through her services and online courses. 

You can connect with Olce through her official website If you are looking for her math tutoring service, you can find it here Finally, look her up on Quora to see why she has the most views out of any Psychology writer!


We had the pleasure of interviewing Cansu Olce. Here are the excerpts from the Interview.

Hi Cansu, Great to have you with us today! Please tell us about what it is that you do

I have a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a diploma in Psychology. I am a mathematician and teach maths to high school and university students. I am a top Quora writer in Psychology. 

Please tell us more about your journey. 

When I was studying at university, I was chosen to be a maths tutor. When I graduated, I decided to continue teaching people. Then I started A Star Maths.  

Please tell us more about the tutoring service, A Star Brisbane Maths Tutor.

A Star Brisbane Maths Tutor is a distinguished maths tutoring service in Queensland in Australia. Specializing in IB HL Maths, IB SL, IB SL Studies, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Maths, General Maths, and Essential Maths. I have been teaching maths for the last 12 year

What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey? 

I love helping people. I am committed and have fun along the way. I think positively. Developing a positive mindset is all about trusting yourself and your ability to succeed. It is important to replace any negative thoughts with positive ones in order to motivate yourself to keep trying no matter what challenges come your way. 

Any message for our readers 

Count on yourself. You cannot count on others to achieve your goals for you. Your best friend cannot take a class for you. Your mother cannot get you a promotion. Your partner cannot lose extra weight for you. These are all things you must do on your own. It can be beneficial to rely on others for emotional support, but just as you have your needs, your friends and family have their own as well. It is important to hold yourself accountable to achieve your goals and make yourself happy. 

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you? 

You can check my websites, and You can also follow on Instagram @cansuolceau.


Thank you so much, Cansu, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!

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