Youtuber and Author LizzieKaren shares her dream regressions on her channel LizzieKaren Dreams of Atlantis.

LizzieKaren is an Author, Tiktok Content Creator, and Youtuber who has been developing her channel for a while. With thousands of views on many of the videos, this creator has a truly unique concept and idea – exploring past lives through her dreams and leaving a record through her videos.

Her channel is titled LizzieKaren Dreams of Atlantis, which is a pretty accurate description of her content. She started it after her retirement as a way of sharing her dream regressions that have brought her back to a place called Tantal in what she believes to be Atlantis and Kem, which LizzieKaren believes to be Egypt. 

Throughout her dreams, she has seen what she considers to be Atlantis, that mythical place that has captured the imaginations of many throughout the years. But beyond this, she has seen amazing technology and building techniques, and more.

Throughout her life, LizzieKaren has often dreamt of this world that is steeped in mythology and uses her videos to share the past life regressions she believes she has had in her dreams. These started at an early age when she told her parents that she was actually named Miran and had lived in Ancient Egypt, Atlantis, and Neith. These places have continued to visit her in her dreams as she has felt them come to her time and again throughout her life. Currently, she has been taking them more seriously, and becoming free of the corporate world has allowed her to explore her passions and ideas further, no matter what other people think. LizzieKaren has freely discussed her experiences once she exited the professional world where she worked as an accountant and is continuously documenting her experiences with what she views as a lost piece of humanity’s history. 


This creator is drawing from materials that she has been putting together her whole life through journals and other documents. She has been documenting the clearest dreams first. Her most bizarre experiences are saved for her Patreon supporters, but she has been regularly updating her YouTube and other platforms. Her goal is to document publically as much as possible. 

In addition to her Atlantis dreams, the creator has published a children’s book titled Be Good to Each Other. Additionally, you can find LizzieKaren merchandise and a Patreon that can support her efforts to continue this tremendous undertaking. 

LizzieKaren tells fantastic stories of a fantastic world that comes to her in dreams and has become strongly dedicated to the idea of the lost history, regardless of any opinions or naysayers. With a world of past lives, it is sure to interest those who are engaged with the topic of lost history, Atlantis, and reincarnation. The creator offers plenty of updates and details about her dreams. 

You can find more about LizzieKaren through her website, which also includes a contact form. You can also subscribe to her YouTube channel Lizziekarendreams. Check out her content on TikTok and subscribe to her Patreon for exclusive content and access to direct chats with LizzieKaren. 


We had the pleasure of interviewing LizzieKaren. Here are the excerpts from the Interview.

Hi, Great to have you with us today! Please tell us about what it is that you do.

Hi, I’m an Author, a YouTube content creator, and Tiktok creator. That all sounds pretty normal, yes? But my subject matter is far from normal.

You see, all my life – from being very young, I have had vividly detailed dreams of being someone from the lost city of Atlantis (it was called Tantal in my dreams). My parents thought I had a wonderful imagination.

I can usually remember the dreams very clearly when I wake up. So when I grew up, I would write down the dreams in my notebook/journal. By this stage, I knew to keep it to myself because people indicated that I was just bonkers or crazy if I said too much. 

It was not until I got old and retired that I was able to share all this with the world. I had a very exciting and stressful career as a chartered accountant specializing in implementing large-scale financial systems. My career would have been over if I had ever mentioned my dreams. But now that I am retired, I don’t care what people think about me anymore. So I am finally recording my dreams for posterity. I have started calling them dream regressions because, in my opinion, it is more like a memory from a past life. I have normal dreams like other people too, but they are different from these dreams. When I wake from an ordinary dream, the dream is disjoint, illogical, and fades quickly. My dream regressions, however, are not like that. They are clear, and when I am in the dream, it feels very normal to be in this other place. When I wake up, they just feel like a memory, and I often have the same dream.  

Please tell us about your journey.

A couple of years ago, I moved house and found all my journals going back to my teenage years. So many, and mostly filled with stuff I don’t want to keep about my old job – who I saw when what we discussed, what actions I am taking, etc., you know, the usual work stuff. 

So as I was considering throwing out all these journals, I remembered that they also contained details of my amazing dream regressions. So I started copying out the details of the dreams into a word document to dispose of the journals. 

I kept wondering if I should do something with all of it. So that is when I decided to start my YouTube channel, “LizzieKaren Dreams of Atlantis.” I call it Dreams of Atlantis even though it covers more than just Atlantis, e.g., Ancient Egypt and other locations of the ancients.

To date, I’m about ¼ way through extracting the dreams and getting rid of my old journals, and I currently have turned that into 80 episodes on YouTube, and I still have 48 pages of notes in a word document that are still to be turned into episodes.

At this rate, I will be doing this for another five years at least. As well as the fact that the dreams never stop. So I always have new material to add to it.


What are the most surprising things you have experienced along the way?

So I started just telling the stories of specific dream regressions. I thought people would like to know about it in the kind of first-person way that I had experienced it in my dream regressions.

I had some great feedback, but many people wanted to know the details and the specifics of what I saw in the dream regressions rather than the actual stories. 

So I found myself doing two types of episodes;

1. Just the story or

2. Just the detail about the technology I saw

So that was one of the most surprising developments for me. Having started with episodes like “cat gardens,” “terrible experiments,” “the party, “… I’m now doing episodes like “stonework technology of the ancients,” “The Schist Disk,” “Technology of the Watchers,” and “Machines of the Ancients.”

I also tried my hand at TikTok recently. I thought if the Ancient Immortals (that I dream about) had Reddit, what are the stories they would tell. So I’m doing a version of AITA.

I enjoy doing that sort of thing because it is a fun way to look at some things coming out of my dreams. 

The biggest thing I have learned from all this is: If we, as humans, can start to remember the mistakes of our past, we might just save our future.

Where can we find your work?

You can find my work on TikTok @lizziekarendreams and on YouTube. And, I also have a website.


Thank you so much for giving us your precious time. We wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

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