Growth story of Milloret – An International family business based in London


Milloret is an international family business that provides SEO services in London. It also provides animation, web design, and other services to help other organizations take off and become successful, beat the competition, and reach the first spots in Google searches.

The company was founded in 2009. Since then, the team behind it has worked on over 1000 projects. It began as a more focused enterprise working with web design and SEO for real estate agencies in Spain. But since then, the company has grown tremendously. In 2010, they began working on eBay, which provided them with a boost and left the company with over 900 positive reviews and no negative ones either. This provided Milloret with their first customers from more than 20 countries and gave an impulse to grow and learn consistently, as SEO is a constantly evolving field.

Their history and evolution went hand in hand with the history of Google, which grew constantly and changed its algorithms to better respond to customer needs. This led Milloret on a consistent path to learning and managing these changes to keep a tight grasp on how they worked. In particular, one of the biggest changes was the adoption of an algorithm that favored valuable content over machine-made content, and Milloret adapted and helped their clients adapt as well, optimizing and improving content.

Milloret has improved its services continuously to better its rankings and adapt to each new change to Google, such as the Panda or the Hummingbird algorithms that were hitting SEO professionals hard.

The company has focused on creating quality content and services that can withstand changes in the algorithm and provide something truly valuable and lasting. In contrast to the scammy, low-quality content of the early days, today, the bet is to do things professionally and plan for the future. This is why Milloret offers updated SEO services, including professional audits of every element of the website and the user experience of their clients.

Milloret’s work often begins with an analysis and a professional audit of every aspect of a new website, focusing on 50 central factors that influence positioning and work for the website or against it. After this analysis, there are always instant results that can be implemented to help the client get better outcomes.

Google is used by pretty much everyone, and understanding its inner workings and how to use SEO to achieve the best positions. But SEO goes beyond just specific keywords or other superficial solutions. Milloret adapts to the new demands of the algorithm and helps create and promote content that is meant to last and offer the user a quality experience.

Milloret began as a family company and remains one to this day despite its tremendous growth. It works with clients internationally and specializes in SEO and web design to achieve maximum results for each client. The company creates solid content that is useful and can remain on top of the rankings for a long time. They offer their services internationally and understand the particular needs of clients in different countries.


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