The album ‘Death By Design’ from Salt Lake City-based band in\error offers a deeply emotional experience for fans.

Death By Design is the newest EP from the Salt Lake City-based band in\error that explores dark themes and the most intense life experiences one can go through. With production from Clayton Blue, the album offers a moody, deeply emotional experience that dives into the darker corners of life.

Death by Design tackles topics like anxiety, depression, heartbreak, and the more negative side of our emotions, like anger and sadness. The sounds of the album fit perfectly with the darker lyrics and topics. As a result, the EP is certain to leave a long-lasting impression.

in\error’s music is witty and clever with wordplay that takes the lyrics to another level. Yet, at the same time, it has dark themes and a moody set of music that reflects the emotional experiences of many. Since he was fourteen, Jesse McGivney, the frontman, has been making music, and music clearly reflects many of his experiences and moods throughout the years. With a lot of vulnerability and emotional disclosure, the tracks have a sense of openness and freedom to discuss anything that seems important, breaking taboos about the topics that often exist in society.

The band is distinguished by a strong aesthetic and themes. Their EP offers a powerful listening experience focused on the deep emotions that are not always pleasant and that are powerful. Art becomes a way to explore different aspects of human experience, and Death by Design gives insight into something that can be tragic or aggressive and yet is compelling in the way that darkness often is. 

in\error is a four-piece band featuring lead vocalist Jesse McGivney along with guitarists Dawson Llewellyn and Neil Finch and bassist Jake Pannell. Jesse initially started a project called ‘Runaway’ in 2017. Later on, he met Dawson and Neil. They started writing darker material with an intense and emotional vibe, which led them to change their name to something more appropriate and appealing.

Death by Design is sure to please those looking for edgier music that explores the negative experiences people face in an honest way and engages with these topics on their own terms. It offers an effective and curated sound that creates just the right atmosphere to feel a bit melancholy. There is a raw power here that is sure to draw many listeners in with a magnetic pull and a strong sense of aesthetic that many will love.

You can find Death by Design on all major platforms, including Spotify and YouTube. Make sure to subscribe to stay tuned for future projects from this band. in\error is on their way up on the music scene and are sure to create a lot of interesting projects in the future. 


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