BetterAuds Archives of October 2021

Hey guys, It’s time for the monthly blog archives once again. In October, We published a total of 20 blog posts.

At BetterAuds, we want to inspire our readers by sharing success stories from people around the world. We got the opportunity to share success stories of achievers from multiple fields including Musicians, Authors and Entrepreneurs. If you want, you can check out our September month monthly archives post.

Here is a Summary of this month’s Archives

You can catch up with any of these posts, please see them below:

Success Stories:

Professional composer and musician Frank Cogliano’s latest EP, CRT features a mind-blowing instrumental flair!

LA-based musician Trevour Amunga’s latest EP ‘For Akira’ is innovative and thought-provoking!

Influencer and Businesswoman Amira Meliani shares her success story!!

Rising Star Kilo Carter’s latest album ‘Heart Break 1K’ takes you through an incredible musical journey.

The new-age hip hop music is getting enriched by Tre K’s latest song, Good Timing!

Japan based pop artist Yui Stonewell brings out nostalgic vibes with her latest single ‘Not Here to Save the World’.

Groove to Nick Mirisola’s excellent music compilation ‘Social Gravity.’

Get inspired by the thought provoking single ‘Guardian of Souls’ by Singer and Songwriter Alex Genadinik!

Rising rapper Tae $kii announces his new album ‘Relentless’

The electrifying performance of Tony Dapro in his latest EP, ‘The Comeback’ leaves the audience in awe!

Thriving DJ Duo ‘The Kith’ offers an exquisite EDM journey with their newest release Da Da Dum!

Music Industry Veteran Anthony Casuccio has fleshed out creativity and emotions through his latest EP, Emotional Lockdown!

Embrace the taste of love with Tune Mercury’s newest single ‘Without You’ from the record label ‘Til-Ya-Tight Music’.

New York based Musician Stefan Kristinkov’s latest release ‘Clarinet Vibe’ is an empowering musical representation!

Rising Rapper Kd Lilphat showcases his talent and energy in his newest release, ‘Go Mode’.

Versatile UK based Rapper Shaker is making huge buzz with his latest release ‘European Ties’

Style Muse Tama Leia shares her inspiration behind her namesake label

Guest Posts:

What Could you Afford If You Start Shopping with Coupons? 

Candidate Shortage – What Can Your Company Do About It?

Top 6 School-From-Home Tips for Teachers and Learners


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