Music Industry Veteran Anthony Casuccio has fleshed out creativity and emotions through his latest EP, Emotional Lockdown!

Emotional Lockdown is the new EP from Anthony Casuccio, a music industry veteran who is currently pursuing a new stage in his career. 

Anthony has been working in music for over 25 years. His audio production work has received three Grammy awards nominations and has topped charts across the world. In addition to his work as a producer, Anthony Casuccio has worked as an engineer, a bandleader, and a songwriter. 

Casuccio has always loved music, starting to play instruments since middle and high school, a point in his life where he also started to perform as part of bands. Casuccio studied Sound Recording Technology, a degree that helped him get work with major record labels and artists like Roy Orbison, Glenn Miller, Tony Bennett, and Johnny Cash. He worked for the Sony Music Company, leading the audio production department when he also founded his company. Casuccio founded the company Xtream Audio Mastering and served as the principal sound engineer for the organization as well, which became a go-to for the San Francisco and the Bay Area for hip-hop artists. He has continuously worked with artists from all over the world to ensure that their music sounds exactly right and is true to their creative vision.

His work with the indie band A&L received significant recognition, being featured in the top 20 of various U.K. indie charts and getting played on the radio in 70 countries throughout Europe and beyond. A&L hit the top 20 charts with 9 of their songs. A&L featured Anthony partnered with Lana Marie, an award-winning vocalist. The last single titled Cliché came in 2016 and reached the ninth spot on the Europ Indie Music Top 200, staying on the charts for three months.

Emotional Lockdown ushers in a new stage of Casuccio’s career who chooses to place his own emotional journey front and center. The EP features seven tracks that offer a dynamic and passionate experience for the listener. Additionally, the EP features the talents of Cynthia Moore, Laura Aiisha, and Maddie Radwan, who add even more intensity to the tracks they are featured on. 

Casuccio’s album reflects a deep emotional truth. It showcases the top-notch production and music creation skills that have made the artist a go-to-producer for many artists and have earned him international acclaim and prestigious award nominations. The music is unique and distinctive, with a strong voice and a lot of emotion to each track. Many people can enjoy Emotional Lockdown, in particular, those interested in vibrant, dynamic songs full of passion. Tracks like I Sing to YouLove is the Answer, and more are sure to command the audience’s attention thanks to the high production value, unique sound, emotion, and talent.

You can find Casuccio on Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, and other major music streaming platforms. Follow Casuccio to see more of his work, and stay tuned for future exciting projects. Casuccio is already a veteran in the music industry and is sure to produce a lot more amazing music for his fans to enjoy.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Anthony. Here are excerpts from the Interview.

Hi Anthony, Great to have you with us today! Please tell us about yourself.

I am a 30 year music veteran. I have been lucky to have continued success in the music business as a mastering engineer, mixing engineer and producer, and as an artist.

Please tell us more about your journey.

I started in the music industry in New York City. I was remastering older music from well-named artists like Johnny Cash and Tony Bennett. From there, I started my own company Xtream Audio and had a lot of success working on 3 Grammy-nominated and topping various charts with my clients. I started a band called A&L, finding success in the UK, charting 9 times on various Indie music charts, and reaching the top 20 8 times. Now I am releasing this new EP called Emotional Lockdown. The idea was conceived during the Covid lockdown. 

Please tell us more about your EP, Emotional Lockdown.

Emotional Lockdown is my first solo effort in over 20 years. This music endeavor was born during the Covid lockdown. I am always working on other people’s musical projects. The lockdown gave me the time and mental fortitude to start writing music. Locked in my studio, music was my main outlet to deal with the isolation. I composed over a dozen songs. A guitarist by trade, this musical release is a new venture; the songs are pop/EDM in style with flourishes of rock guitar. Having more than enough for an EP, I split up the songs with more radio-friendly songs going on the EP and the others for my live DJ set.

What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

I am not sure about strategies other than basic marketing. I would say hustle, work hard, and personally contact the tastemakers that you are hoping to cover your release. That has helped me immensely. I have forged relationships with these people who have helped me get the word out in an organic manner that ensures real interaction and coverage.

Any message for our readers.

I hope that you check out my music and share it. Reach out to me via social media and let me know what you think. I am on all streaming services.

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

You can find me on Instagram @anthonycasucciomusic and Twitter @anthonycasuccio.


Thank you so much, Anthony, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!

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