Professional composer and musician Frank Cogliano’s latest EP, CRT features a mind-blowing instrumental flair!

CRT is the newest project from Frank Cogliano, a NY-based multi-talented musician. It is a treat for fans of powerful instrumentals and an approach that combines the strengths of different instruments, including some unique and original pieces that Cogliano built or collected himself.

CRT provides an epic listening experience with masterful sound and composition that showcases all the best from this composer. Cogliano is known for his sonic manipulation and multi-instruments work. His work has been featured on Oscar-winning films and critically-acclaimed TV series. Cogliano provided music for popular works like Superstore, Mortal Kombat Legends, Still Alice, I, Tonya, and more. In addition, he also joined forces with Camila Cabello in the past on advertising campaigns for Mastercard and Lincoln.

Cogliano started his career as a session guitarist with SNL house band members. As a solo artist, he has worked with a variety of string instruments, such as guitar, pedal steel guitar, a custom-built guitarviol, saz, and oud. He adds synthesizers and analog tools for a unique and highly recognizable style.

With a retro-futuristic, neon aesthetic, the sound presentation of the project offer something truly unique and exciting in artistic terms. It is sure to provide a great treat for anyone interested in works inspired by sci-fi and a combination of old and new vibes.

The EP CRT is a chance to experience Frank Cogliano’s vision as a solo artist. Full of style and innovation, it is sure to provide a wild ride for listeners and keep them hooked through the seven tracks.

You can stream Cogliano’s music on Spotify, Apple Music, and all the main music platforms. Discover more about this artist on his website or check out his Instagram @frankcomposer to make sure you stay tuned for any future releases.


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