Rising Rapper Kd Lilphat showcases his talent and energy in his newest release, ‘Go Mode’.

Go Mode is the newest release from Kd Lilphat. It is a personal story that reflects the artist’s path to entering the music industry from the streets. He wants to tell a story about his life and his struggles through the use of compelling music and lyrics. The rapper has appeared on a few collaborations, but Go Mode promises a whole new level of engagement with Kd Lilphat’s talent and artistic ability.

The single, Go Mode, reflects one of the artist’s mottos, his strong will and determination to succeed that has served him well in the streets and is likely to help him reach success in his pursuit of a career as a rapper. Kd Lilphat’s other motto is: “I’m in it to win it,” and it’s clear that the artist intends to work hard until he reaches the top. His prior releases show a lot of potential and a commitment to authenticity that shines a spotlight on the artist even in today’s saturated rap market. A Milwaukee-based artist, Kd Lilphat, is beginning his rise to the top with a few great singles that have amassed thousands of views on YouTube. Go Mode, the latest offering, also features the talents of producer King Zoe. The video was shot by Kerrigan Productions in California to showcase some exciting sights and backgrounds that add to the lyrics and delivery of Kd Lilphat. 

Go Mode is an energetic song with a rhythm that sticks with the listener. It has a clever and precise delivery that sucks the audience in and showcases the rapper’s talents and word construction. The music video has slick visuals that fit the track and add style and energy to the music; both fit together to shape a clear style and aesthetic that is sure to appeal to fans of rap who are looking for new voices with a lot of talent to offer. With an urban and slick set of visuals, the video is a pleasure to watch and complements the track perfectly, centering the rap music. The song has the right energy to reflect the artist’s perseverance and tell his story in a way that can engage the audience quickly and effectively. 

The single Go Mode was just released on October 1st on YouTube but is already making a huge buzz. With a motto like Go Mode, Kd Lilphat is sure to create a lot more amazing videos. You can follow Kd Lilphat on Instagram @kd_lilphat or on Facebook @KdLilPhat to keep up to date.


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