Rising rapper Tae $kii announces his new album ‘Relentless’

Relentless is the exciting upcoming third release from Tae $kii. It is an effective follow-up that will show the artist’s talent and willingness to transgress social norms and focus on the positives, no matter what others think or do.

Hailing from Virginia, Tae $kii belongs to the notorious 5 am mafia group that has been making a splash thanks to the talent involved. Tae $kii is not the exception, and Relentless proves this musician’s great skill with powerful, upbeat, and energetic tracks that are a delight to listen to.

The album takes on a big mission: to try and change the world, but this can-do attitude permeates each track and makes the listener believe that it truly is possible. It aims to break social norms and share the right mindset to inspire the person on the other side of the music to achieve whatever they choose to do. Tae $kii has just the right attitude and level of confidence that is needed to pull this message, to bring the audience to truly feel that it doesn’t matter what others do or say. Relentless is full of positive energy and powerful magnetism. It has an upbeat style that reminds us that the bad times are only here for a while, that better days will come if we persevere and work hard to achieve what we want.

This positivity is paired with a slick style that is appealing and distinct. With his sights set high, Tae $kii is working hard to become a true rockstar in the rap world with everything that this entails. His work is inspiring and reminds the audience to always be relentless and appreciate the good, not just focus on the bad. With a solid approach, the album is sure to appeal to anyone looking for inspiration to keep hustling and working towards their dreams. Relentless will be an excellent follow-up to the artist’s earlier work and provides a whole new side to his talent.

Pre-order Relentless now, and check out Tae $kii’s previous projects available on all the major music platforms. Follow Tae $kii on Instagram @taeskiiofficial to keep up to date.


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