Versatile UK based Rapper Shaker is making huge buzz with his latest release ‘European Ties’

European Ties is the newest release from UK-based rapper Shaker. Shaker has been recognized for his raw talent, unique musical abilities, and the incredible popularity of his videos that have reached millions of views on YouTube. 

The newest release from this successful rapper is European Ties. The video has already amassed thousands of views, reaching over 133 thousand in just over a week. The video and the track features a collaboration with another incredibly talented rapper, S Dog. 

Shaker has been making waves on the international rap scene. Even though he has only recently created his YouTube channel, he already has over half a million views. In addition, his tracks on Spotify have reached thousands of streams and thousands of listeners as well who tune into Shaker’s new releases.

European Ties is only another step on the creative journey by Shaker. His next release will be I’m So Different, scheduled to come out on October 14, 2021. I’m So Different is already hotly anticipated by Shaker’s fans and is sure to provide a worthy follow-up for European Ties. With a commitment to quality that is evident in each video, the releases offer fun and engaging experiences for newcomers and for fans who have been following Shaker for a while.

Shaker is a rapper based in the UK, which has reached many fans. He presents himself as an authentic artist who tells the truth as it is, who is real, and who expresses himself openly in every way, which has found a lot of appeal among a diverse group of listeners. 

The art that Shaker is creating is likely to appeal to most fans of hip-hop, especially those looking for a raw, passionate, and truthful voice that shares a deep message in each track that gets released. Shaker has been recognized by thousands of fans thanks to his unique ability, talent, raw emotion, and more, which has appealed to many different listeners. Shaker is rising quickly and is certain to reach new heights not only in the UK but also with an international audience. In a somewhat saturated scene, Shaker has appeared as a fresh voice with many new things to say and a lot of amazing talent to share with the world. The artist has reached significant success independently and is likely to grow even more in the following months and years, as his talent, energy, and songs are becoming increasingly more popular and resonating with a variety of people.  

You can find European Ties on Shaker’s YouTube channel. Check out the amazing visuals, lyrics, and delivery that quickly reaches more people and subscribe to the channel to make sure that you also see the new video, I’m So Different. Make sure you activate the notifications to get a message when the video gets released.


Check out the previous work that you can listen to now and stay tuned for future releases on Spotify and YouTube and join the broad community of fans that have grown around Shaker’s music.

You can follow him on Instagram @Shakerthebaker.


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