New York based Musician Stefan Kristinkov’s latest release ‘Clarinet Vibe’ is an empowering musical representation!

Clarinet Vibe is the exciting new project from Stefan Kristinkov, a New York composer and accomplished musician who offers a diverse and unique sound that experiments with classical, jazz, and other styles. Clarinet Vibe is meant to have a powerful impact on the listener, and the record achieves a lot with various tools.

This latest project is likely to draw in listeners with different tastes, particularly those with a sophisticated taste who can recognize the complex aesthetic choices Kristinkov makes in his music. However, anyone can enjoy the maximized emotional impact, thanks to the timbral diversity and the combination of different instruments and styles. Clarinet Vibe features a clarinet, vibraphone, bass guitar, and a drum set, resulting in jazz fusion or crossover jazz style.


Kristinkov is a composer recognized for his versatility and eclectic style. He has worked in independent films and also performed extensively across different countries, receiving nominations and awards. His music is full of innovation and introduces unexpected elements that make it distinct. Experimentation and genre fusions characterize this composer’s work, as he is constantly driven by curiosity and a desire to pursue a unique path. Despite all the success he has been working in the industry over the years, he still continuously innovates and seeks fresh opportunities and ideas.

Kristinkov cites classical music, jazz, Eastern-European minimalism, ethnomusicology, jazz, and postmodernism among his influences. Through these, he constructs complex pieces that feature unique instrumentals and a sophisticated design, applying a variety of compositional techniques.

Clarinet Vibe is a unique EP with a distinct style that will please fans of instrumental compositions. Listen to it via Spotify and find more about Stefan Kristinkov on his website.


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