Groove to Nick Mirisola’s excellent music compilation ‘Social Gravity.’

Social Gravity is the latest seven-track EP by Nick Mirisola of Meditative Animal. This project is sure to provide a thrill for his fanbase and take his music career to a whole new level, featuring a compilation of the best of the songs the musician has written.

Social Gravity showcases everything that has distinguished Mirisola as an artist, particularly all the best characteristics of his music. It involves smart lyrics, full of insights and beautiful texts, instrumental backgrounds, and a lot of happy energy that is infectious in the best way. Mirisola has been recognized for his ability to play different instruments, such as guitar, harmonica, hand percussion, keyboards, and bass. Nick produces his own music, thanks to his education with Berklee.

Social Gravity is joined by a special lyric video available on YouTube and provides a special treat for the fans. In addition to everything that Nick has to offer, Social Gravity is enriched by contributions from John Mirisola, Nick’s brother, who used to be part of the band Glass America. His nephew, Lil Beats, and niece, Charis Moore, also provide their talents for this EP to make something with a strong family vibe. In addition, Mirisola’s regular collaborator Kirsten Glidden provides her amazing vocals in the title track, Woke at Midnight and Electric Halo.

Mirisola is an ordained Dudeist priest and a self-dubbed Duddha who has been in the music industry for many years. His entire life has been dedicated to singing and started writing songs since 2000. Mirisola has also achieved significant recognition for his work. He has been ranked #1 on ReverbNation’s regional chart for his genre and their top 100 nationally.

Social Gravity has that unique indie folk-rock sound that Mirisola has elevated to new levels. It is infused with beats from other genres to create a fully new experience, drawing from blues, hip-hop, funk, and reggae for a sound that is distinctive and powerful, creative, and infused with positive energy. Social Gravity is a wonderful option for anyone looking for new indie artists to add to their playlist, and Mirisola is sure to become a mainstay there.

Produced under Moonlit Creative Works at the Moonlit Creative Works studio in Springvale, Maine, Social Gravity can be streamed on Spotify and other main music platforms. For more information on this talented artist, you can visit his website.


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