Get inspired by the thought provoking single ‘Guardian of Souls’ by Singer and Songwriter Alex Genadinik!

Guardian of Souls is the newest release from the singer and songwriter Alex Genadinik, who works to create songs that are inspiring, powerful, and poetic beyond what is often offered in the mainstream.

Genadinik is inspired by many classic authors who have a powerful set of lyrics and a lot of deep emotion hidden behind their words. On the U.S. side, his idols are Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, and Bob Dylan. But he also draws a unique influence from Bulat Okudzhava and Vladimir Vysotsky, iconic Russian singers and songwriters who have gone down in history as important modern poets as well. In addition to his own songs, the singer has done translations of classic, iconic songs from Russian poets to make them better known to English-speaking audiences and continue his journey of inspiring people through music and text. 

At the same time, Alex does not fall into empty positivity. On the contrary, he wants the listeners to feel and experience emotions, which are not always positive but must always be meaningful. 

Guardian of Souls follows the enchanting pattern set by other songs from Genadinik. He wants to inspire with each track and take the listener on a journey that will end with them feeling differently, recognizing the world’s beauty. Guardian of Souls achieves this masterfully with its harmonious and charming melodies and lyrics that truly inspire inner insights. 

The artist is committed to making music that is inspiring, beautiful, and passionate. He has offered love songs, children’s songs, and high-concept poems, such as Guardian of Souls or his previous release, a Shakespearean love song featuring lyrics from the Bard himself, cleverly combined with 20th-century sensibilities and sounds and 21st-century creativity. The retro and nostalgic melancholy feel of some of Genadinik’s songs is sure to appeal to those with interest in music from the 20th century, in particular from the songwriters who today are considered classic. 


Genadinik’s music will certainly please those looking for more old-school music-making, those who love feeling inspired and feel that beauty is an important pursuit in their lives. With a lot of feeling and emotion, Genadinik draws from well-known songwriters to build songs that stand out on the strength of their lyrics with a melodic and beautiful sound that will stick with you. With a retro vibe and a soft musical harmony, Genadinik promises music that is full of emotions like gratitude, joy, awe, and more. Guardian of Souls, in particular, is a song that is for artists, celebrating every contribution people have made to the beauty of the world. 


You can follow Alex Genadinik on Instagram @AlexGenadinikMusic. He releases inspiring and charming music videos for many of his songs to add the right visuals to make the words feel more poignant. You can check out more about him here.

Make sure you subscribe to his social media, as he releases new music regularly. Guardian of Souls is available for streaming already on all the main platforms. The charming, stylish video for the song is currently up on YouTube to be enjoyed as well. 


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