The new-age hip hop music is getting enriched by Tre K’s latest song, Good Timing!

Good Timing is one of the top songs on the newest release, Who Killed Benny from Tre K. This exciting hip-hop album showcases the unique talents of this emerging artist who already has thousands of listeners on Spotify and other major music platforms.

Who Killed Benny is a rap album released in October 2021. It features nine top-quality tracks with exciting lyrics and sounds that distinguish Tre K from other artists in the genre and offer a unique and novel voice within the rap scene. 

Good Timing reflects the overall strength of the album with strong lyrics and amazing delivery. The song is upbeat and pleasant, not just offering good timing but also providing a good time for any listeners. Tre K is an emerging star, and this song is a great introduction to his work: fun with a lot of spice and edge to make sure that the song is saying something. It has a great beat and this fun and catchy rhythm that is sure to have you nodding and humming along. 

Good Timing was selected for the music video treatment, and it’s clear why. It provides a playful little story with a beat and sound that makes an impression. It is a perfect showcase for Tre K’s talent and ability, as well as his charisma as a performer. The video for the song is currently up on YouTube. It was shot by juiceboxcartel with a mix provided by theraphouse201. 

The video provides a fun experience as well. It has a smaller scale than many other rap videos that opt for bigger than better, allowing the artist to create a more focused narrative and a fun and personal story. With beautiful shots and a flawless delivery, the video showcases the real strengths of the song and Tre K, allowing the performer to shine with his charismatic presence. Good Timing is a good time for all with a stylish mix that brings out the best of the track. Catchy and enjoyable, this track is sure to provide a great listen for any rap fans who want to add a few more indie songs and artists to their playlist. It is an enjoyable song with a lot of personality and style and an electronic beat that makes it a great party song.


Stream Good Timing and other songs by Tre K on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and other major music platforms. Currently, the album Who Killed Benny is available on all these platforms as well, with Good Timing being the first song to receive the music video treatment, but the other tracks are sure to please anyone who enjoyed this song. The album features nine amazing tracks from Tre K with explicit, spicy, and well-constructed lyrics and beats that are sure to stick with the listener. Follow the artist on social media to stay tuned for any future releases and enjoy his talent.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Tre K. Here are excerpts from the Interview.

Hi Tre, Great to have you with us today. Please share your journey with our readers.

I started off interning with DJ Bobby Trends from Hot 97, and I built up connections and influence through my city, Newark, New Jersey. Now, I am building a wave filled with multiple artists collaborating with Grammy award-winning Naughty by Nature. 

One album down. Much much more is coming soon.

You can watch the music video for Good Timing below:

Any message for our readers.

Be whoever you want to be. Anything is possible if you stay true to who you are.


Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

You can find my music @realkennybattle on Instagram and @realkennybattle on Twitter.

Thank you so much for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!

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