Thriving DJ Duo ‘The Kith’ offers an exquisite EDM journey with their newest release Da Da Dum!

The Kith is thrilling fans with their newest release, Da Da Dum, which takes this DJ duo to a whole new level in terms of production values, sound, and performance. Da Da Dum is sure to usher in a new stage of popularity for this already successful duo.

The Kith is a DJ duo who are breaking into the EDM/House scene. They hail from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The band is formed by two brothers who are passionate about their music and have a unique sound that has earned them an ever-growing number of followers.

Da Da Dum follows previous releases, like Rules and Tell Me Why, which earned thousands of streams each across all social media and major music platforms. The tracks continue to find an audience thanks to their exciting sound and charming presentation that has helped the fan base grow continuously and quickly. 

Tell Me Why was a big success, featuring a warm energy that makes the audience nostalgic, in part thanks to their use of a deep base from Slap House. This was followed by Closer, and then the band had a big hit with Coming Back Around, for which they collaborated with Josh Vorster. Rules was their most-streamed release so far, with over 175 thousand plays. It was another hit to tie them to Slap House, with clean vocals and a strong foundation. Those Eyes – The Kith Remix Edit got quite a bit of traction as well with the support of Soave, a record label, and artists like EDX. 


The Kith features two young artists working together to create something special. A unique aspect of the duo is that the youngest brother is quite young indeed – he is making quite the progress for someone only 16 years old. However, their age doesn’t mean that they are just joking around. On the contrary, the Kith takes their music very seriously, which shows in the high quality of each of their tracks and the projected career path they have set for themselves.


Da Da Dum is another collaboration, this time with Dave Nazza. Again, it came with Magic Records, another record label that has taken an interest in The Kith. So far, this is the track the brothers are especially proud of, and it’s clear why. The song has a lot of energy and thrill to it, drawing in the audience and not letting them go. The song is already building up streams online and is sure to become quite a big success with The Kith’s ever-expanding fan base. Da Da Dum shows the growing ability of the DJs and their skill that allows them to create more exciting pieces that engage the audiences and are sure to help the band reach new heights. 


You can follow The Kith on social media to stay tuned for exciting future releases. Don’t miss anything from this dynamic duo you can find on Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram Enjoy the music The Kith is working hard to create and make sure you enjoy all their newest tracks.


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