Elena Kampuris – Famous Actress

Who is Elena Kampuris?

Kampouris is an American actress of Greek descent. She is best-known for her roles in Men, Women & Children, American Odyssey, Before I Fall, and Jupiter’s Legacy.


September 16, 1997

Birth Place

New York City, New York, the United States of America

Zodiac Sign


Personal Life

The actress is the daughter of fashion illustrator and designer Ivey Barry. Her father is Greek, hailing from Kassos.

Professional Life

Kampouris debuted in 2012 on Gossip Girl. It was a small role but allowed her to move on to more parts. In 2013, she was on Jinxed, a Nickelodeon television film.

In 2013, she debuted on the big screen with Labor Day and landed an agent to continue working in Hollywood.

In 2014, she appeared in the dramedy Men, Women & Children, focusing on online addiction. The same year, she appeared in the dramedy The Cobbler.

In 2015, the actress appeared in a central role in the series American Odyssey, playing Maya Decker. Unfortunately, the show only lasted one season. The same year she got a supporting role in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, which honored her Greek heritage.

2016 saw Kampouris’ debut on Broadway in Les Liaisons Dangereuses where she played Cécile Volanges, a supporting part. In 2017, she was in Before I Fall, playing the character of Juliet Sykes.

In 2018, the actress served as series regular Minnow Bly in Sacred Lies.

2019 saw the announcement of Kampouris being cast as Chloe Sampson on Jupiter’s Legacy. She was among the main cast. Jupiter’s Legacy was a Netflix adaptation of a comic by legendary author Mark Millar that explored the dramatic side of superheroes and focused on the issues the “old guard” faces when their kids do not follow their values, but it’s time for them to take over. Jupiter’s Legacy is centered on the Sampson family. Kampouris’ character Chloe is the daughter of one of the most powerful superheroes, but she chooses a career in modeling and drugs, leading to tension within her family. She could be described as rebellious.

In Jupiter’s Legacy, she was seen alongside cast members Ben DanielsGracie Dzienny, Ian Quinlan, Josh Duhamel, Kurtwood Smith, Leslie Bibb, Matt Lanter, Tyler Mane, Tenika Davis, Mike WadeMeg Steedle, David Julian Hirsh, Conrad Coates and Andrew Horton.

In 2020, she was in Children of the Corn, followed by a role in Shoplifters of the World in 2021. She played Sheila in this production.


The actress has Greek and French ancestry on her father’s and mother’s sides, respectively.

She did not intend to audition for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, as she felt that her appearance was not apt and did not reflect her Mediterranean heritage. However, Elena did audition and got the part, leading to a very emotional reaction from the actress.

Kampouris appeared as Boleyn Williams in Children of the Corn. It marked the twelfth film inspired by the Stephen King short story, in this case, a prequel to the original. At first, it was reported to be a remake of the first film but later turned out to be a prequel that focused on children taking over their little town as they get swept by the leadership of a psychopathic girl.


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