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Jon Michael Ecker – Famous Actor


Who is Jon Michael Ecker?

Jon-Michael Ecker, also known as Jon Ecker and Jon-Michael William Ecker, is an American actor. He is best known for his performances in Popland!, Corazón Valiente, Gossip Girl: Acapulco, Cantinflas, Queen of the South, and Firefly Lane.


March 16, 1983

Birth Place

San Marcos, Texas, the United States of America

Zodiac Sign


Personal Life

He is the son of Brazilian-born actor Guy Ecker.

Professional Life

In 2010, Ecker debuted in Niña de mi corazón as El Mudra. The telenovela was produced by Televisa in Mexico and is about the trials of Andrea, a working-class girl with ambitions to become a lawyer but with the pressing need to support her disabled father. After getting fired from her job because of jealousy, she goes back under the guise of her twin brother, only to later get rehired as Andrea to serve as a receptionist. El Mudra was one of the main cast.

In 2011, he appeared in El Equipo. This was a 15-episodes series about the lives and work of Mexican federal police. Here, Ecker played Mike in two episodes. The same year, he appeared in La fuerza del destino, another telenovela focused on family drama.

Ecker got a main role in Popland!, a Colombian telenovela about Carla, a girl with humble origins who becomes a paparazzi. Ecker appeared in 70 out of the 78 episodes and played rockstar Ari Morales. Popland! started airing in 2011.

The actor got another leading role in Corazón valiente, where he played Pablo Peralta, one of the main cast. The show centered on the friendship and romantic tribulations of two women, one from rich origins and another from a humble background. This was a U.S.-produced telenovela in Spanish.

In 2013, Ecker was cast as Nico de la Vega in Gossip Girl: Acapulco. He was part of the main cast and appeared in 26 episodes. It was a Mexican adaptation of Gossip Girl.

In 2014, Ecker made his feature film debut. He played Marlon Brando in Cantinflas, a biopic of this iconic Mexican comedian and actor.

In 2015, he would appear in Major Crimes and in Narcos, where he had a recurring role, showing up for four episodes. He got a main role in Queen of the South in 2016, playing El Güero for three seasons as a lead and as a guest in season 4. He would stay with the show until 2019.

In 2016, he appeared in NCISÑ New Orleans. The following year, he was in Criminal Minds. In 2018, he appeared in Sideswiped.

In 2021, he got two recurring roles. The first one was in Chicago Fire as Lieutenant Greg Grainger and then in Firefly Lane as Max Brody. Firefly Lane is a Netflix drama about two women and their friendship through the years. At the same time, Chicago Fire is a long-running drama about the lives, personal and professional, of firefighters and rescue personnel.

In Firefly lane, he was seen alongside cast members Katherine Heigl, Ali Skovbye, Sarah Chalke, Ben Lawson, Roan Curtis, Yael Yurman, Andres Joseph, Beau Garrett, Brandon Jay Mclaren, Brendan Taylor, Chelah Horsdal, Jason Mckinnon, Jenna Rosenow, Paul Mcgillion and Quinn Lord.


Jon-Michael’s father, Guy Ecker, is also a telenovela actor. He is best known for his performances in Café, con aroma de mujer, Guajira, La Mentira, and Salomé.


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