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Brendan Taylor – Famous Actor


Who is Brendan Taylor?

Brendan Taylor is a Canadian actor. He worked for a long time in the art departments and behind the scenes as a set decorator or production designer. He is best known for his roles in Firefly Lane, The Magicians, and Supernatural.


May 12

Birth Place

North Vancouver, Canada

Zodiac Sign


Personal Life

Taylor has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from The University of British Columbia.

Professional Life

Brendan Taylor started working in movies in 2005 in set decoration for The Wicker Man. Since then, he has worked in multiple features, such as a set dresser, lead dresser, on-set dresser, and other series and films. In 2007, however, Taylor decided to pursue his dream of acting as well.

The actor started working as such in 2007 with an appearance in It’s Not You, It’s Me, followed by 2008’s Run Rabbit Run. In 2012, he was in Kate and various short films. The same year, he began appearing in Untold Stories of the ER.

In 2015, he was in Fargo, Charlotte’s Song, Olympus, and Arrow. In 2017, the actor appeared in iZombie and Bates Motel. 2018 saw him appear in Supernatural as Officer Doug Stover. Supernatural was a hit TV series running for over fifteen years, focusing on two brothers who face supernatural threats from ghosts to demons.

Between 2017 and 2018, the actor appeared in The Magicians as Howard. The series followed the adventures of a group of young people attending a school of magic and what happens afterward, as well as different interactions with the world of magic. In the same time period, he appeared in the recurring role of Isaac on The Arrangement. In 2019, he was in Noelle, starring Anna Kendrick.

In 2021, the actor was cast in Firefly Lane as Mutt. He appeared as a cameraman at KPOC Tacoma and the love interest for one of the main leads during her time at the station in the 1980s. He would appear throughout the series. The show takes place over several time periods, featuring the leads as teens, young, and older women.

In Firefly lane, he was seen alongside cast members Katherine Heigl, Ali Skovbye, Sarah Chalke, Ben Lawson, Roan Curtis, Yael Yurman, Andres Joseph, Beau Garrett, Brandon Jay MclarenChelah Horsdal, Jason Mckinnon, Jenna Rosenow, Jon Michael Ecker, Paul Mcgillion and Quinn Lord.

In 2021, the actor also appeared in three TV movies: The Christmas Book, Under a Lover’s Moon, and A Whirlwind Wedding. In addition to these, Taylor has appeared in a variety of TV movies and shorts over the years.

As a set designer and in other behind-the-scenes roles, Taylor has taken part in over 50 productions. Some notorious productions include Falling Skies, The Tomorrow People, The Killing, Supernatural, Eureka, Chaos, and The Wicker Man.

Taylor is set to appear in RAGS, an upcoming production about two serial killers facing each other.


Taylor spent a year working in Paris, France, an experience that he found extremely valuable.

Brandan has been credited as Brandon Taylor as well in some of his productions.

Taylor has written a film short titled Half + Half.

His latest credit as a set designer or behind-the-scenes crew member came in 2016. Since then, he has focused much more on acting.

Brendan Taylor speaks both English and French.


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