Billions – TV Series

Billions is an American drama television series that premiered on January 17, 2016, a year after Showmax ordered the television show. The play staged in large financial centers, mainly in New York and Connecticut. The show has been very successful with 6 seasons till now and the 6th season was launched in 2022.
Top cast members
● Daniel Breaker
● Glenn Fleshler
The drama series follows the lives of the merciless Charles Rhoades, a US Attorney for the Southern District of New York who detests affluent criminals, especially those that evade the justice system. The over-ambitious Robert Axelrod, a Hofstra University graduate, and a hedge fund manager. He amasses wealth and power in the high finance sector and overzealously tries to create a positive impression by opting to pay the school fees of children who lost their parents, his colleagues in the World Trade Center. He uses his ostentatiousness to cover for his nefarious activities, being publicly generous but privately indulging in bribery for his firm’s financial growth. Also, the Attorney’s wife, Wendy, is a successful psychiatrist and a Yale graduate whose work relationship with Axelrod spans over fifteen years.
Rhoades, the ruthless Attorney, does everything within his power to prosecute the sinister billionaire manager Axelrod, but they all find ways to outwit each other. On the other hand, he struggles to match his wife’s and father’s dominance.
Inspiration for the series’ first season came from the investigation of Preet Bharara and his 2013 prosecution of Steven A Cohen of Capital Advisors. And the second season stemmed from the 1991 Solomon Brothers’ manipulation of the US Treasury Bond.
As the first American TV series to incorporate a non-binary character (Taylor Mason), a talented worker for Axelrod, Billions received accolades and positive reviews. Also, they got the attention of the BDSM community for the inclusion of BDSM scenes.
The global finance series, which was subsequently renewed for its sixth season, has raked in several nominations, including a Critics’ Choice Television Award, GLAAD Media Awards, Golden Nymph Awards, Satellite Awards, and others. Meanwhile, The sixth season excludes the iconic Damian Lewis, who portrayed Axelrod. Having signed for five seasons and having no intention of renewing his contract, he wanted to spend more time with his family in the UK. A recurring character, Corey Stoll, portraying Mike Prince, a small Indiana farm boy and a great businessman, has replaced him as the antagonist.
Rotten Tomatoes, a review aggregator, gave the show an approval rating of 88%, with viewers recommending the show as entertaining, intriguing, and thought-provoking. Others think the script is excellent, and the casts are brilliant, except for some unrealistic unfolding situations.
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