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Adrienne Maloof – Famous Reality TV Star


Who is Adrienne Maloof?

Adrienne Maloof is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, television personality, and shoe designer. She is also the co-owner of several Maloof Companies business holdings.

She has a net worth of $50 million. She is a New Mexico native who moved to the palm tree-lined streets of Beverly Hills 15 years ago.


September 04, 1961

Birth Place

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

Zodiac Sign



Adrienne Maloof has a degree in political science from the University of Mexico, where she had a full scholarship as a tennis player.


Adrienne Maloof is the only daughter in a family of five. She was the third child of George J. Maloof Sr. and Collen Maloof. Adrienne was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her father owned a Coors beer distributor there.

She was born to billionaire businessman George J. Maloof Sr. and Colleen Maloof. She has four brothers, Joe Maloof, George J. Maloof Jr., Phil Maloof, and Gavin Maloof. Her father passed away on November 29, 1980, at the Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Her mother is a co-owner of Maloof Companies with Adrienne and her brothers.

Personal Life

Adrienne Maloof initially married Steve Marks Jr., a former footballer who later dabbled in real estate. They got married in 1993. But they got separated after only six months of marriage. The couple filed for divorce on March 14, 1994, and on March 29, 1994, the divorce was finalized.

Adrienne managed to hide her first marriage for many years. In 2014, tabloids reported that Adrien was depressed over the news of her ex-husband Mark’s battle with her cancer. It seems they were friends even after their divorce.

Adrienne is also believed to have been engaged to a Los Angeles sports attorney in July 2001.

On May 2, 2002, Adrien married Paul Nassif. Paul is a Lebanese-American plastic surgeon. He specializes in facial surgery and rhinoplasty.

They have three children, Gavin Nassif, born in 2003, and twins Colin and Christian Nassif, born in 2006.

However, later, both Paul and Adrian accused each other of physical and verbal abuse. The discord in their marriage was evident from their frequent fights over The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

After the divorce, there was a bitter custody battle between them. Adrienne and Paul both attended therapy sessions so that they could raise their children.

Adrienne announced that she was dating Sean Stewart, who is the son of British rock star Rod Stewart on January 22, 2013. She was also told that she had an on-off relationship with Jacob Bush, but they later broke up.

Paul also married Brittany Patakos in October 2019 while Jacob is dating Rebel Wilson. They also have a daughter now.


In addition to running her business, Adrienne Maloof also spends a lot of time on various charitable projects. She has been associated with philanthropic efforts such as the Camp Kindness Program, Good News Foundation, and the School on Wheels.

In 2019, he joined Congress to prevent school shootings. She is also an animal lover and LGBTQ rights advocate.

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