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Morning Affirmations to kickstart your day


Doing morning affirmations is an excellent way to start your day and make sure that it all goes according to plan. It can improve your mood, help you set the right intention, and inspire you to focus on the things that matter.

An affirmation is a sentence that expresses your intention for  the day or a goal you set for yourself. For example, you might start the day by saying:

  • Today is going to be an amazing day
  • I am fully confident in my abilities to face the day
  • I choose to believe in myself and be my best self today
  • I can handle anything that happens today
  • I am fully optimistic and hopeful.

To make an affirmation more successful, we need to make it fit specific criteria. A good option is to make it short. Keep it to a single sentence and a single idea that you can say in one breath. Focus on the idea that you want to reinforce and don’t try to overburden the affirmation with a lot of ideas. Another tip is to keep it positive and in the present tense. It is what is happening now and an intention you choose to have right now, not in the past and not in the future. Avoid negative words or expressions

(e.g., “I will not be insecure today” doesn’t work, “I will be secure in my abilities today” is much better).

It’s important to include an emotion or an emotional intention – how do you want to spend the day? What is your focus?

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4 Reasons you should you do your affirmations in the morning.

  • First, it helps you start the day off on the right foot.
  • You remind yourself on what matters now and align yourself with the goals you have on the short-term and long-term.
  • It provides you a dose of positivity to start the day and allows you to take a momentary break from the rush to engage with yourself.
  • Affirmations can wake you up and  set you on your way.

What are the different things you can focus on to create good morning affirmations?



The goals you set for the day are essential. They will determine what gets accomplished and what you prioritize. For example, if you decide that you want to focus on you health, then your affirmations can connect you with this goal and remind you of what you want  to get done.

“Today, I am choosing the healthiest  behaviors available to me.”

“I am connecting with others in an authentic way.”

“I am growing my confidence.”

“Today, I am my best self.”

“Today, I treat myself with compassion and kindness.”

“Today, I focus on my creative journey.”

“I am working hard to achieve my goals.”



Your intentions can also be connected to the emotional experience you want  to have. You might want to face the day by being full of gratitude, kindness, hope, curiosity, or any other emotion. Even if things don’t go your way, you can maintain the disposition you have chosen and take control of your mood for the day. The intention you set  will stay with you through the affirmations you make in the morning.

“Today, I take whatever happens with gratitude.”

“I look into the future with hope.”

“I am optimistic about what is to come today.”

“I am happy with myself and those around me.”

“I appreciate the people around me.”

“I am curious about the world around me and approach it with a  beginner’s mind.”

“Today, I feel happy with myself.”



Affirmations can provide a way to reinforce your habits. When we are just working on making something part of a routine, we need to stick with it every day. An affirmation can remind us to keep the eyes on the prize and stick with the habit we have chosen with a positive attitude.

“Today I exercise to feel good with my body.”

“Today I treat others with compassion and speak only positive things about those around me.”

“I eat healthy foods to take care of myself.”

“Today I express myself through art and connect with my inner thoughts.”

“Today I stand up for myself and assert my ideas.”

“I speak up with confidence because I have something important  to say.”

“I give myself  permission to rest because I deserve it.”



We tend to focus on the negative. Our usual mindset allows us to recognize the flaws and mistakes more easily than the positive aspects of our lives. Affirmations can help you shift your mindset to focus on the positive and remind yourself of everything you have accomplished and all the strengths that you have. It is important to be positive while making your affirmations. Looking at the half filled glass is more important than the half empty one.

“I am doing my best and that is enough.”

“I am confident and strong.”

“I am happy with my body.”

“I feel gratitude for everything I have accomplished.”

“Here is what I like about myself today:…”

“I recognize and celebrate all that I can achieve today.”

“I choose to recognize and celebrate myself.”

“I am taking steps everyday to achieve my goals.”

If you start your morning with an affirmation, you can set a goal and a mood for the entire day. It can help you align yourself with what you want to accomplish and how you want to accomplish it, building positive habits from the outset. When you say an affirmation and mean it, it is much easier to wake up and get to work on what truly matters to you with clear focus, without distractions. Affirmations can help you feel better and orient you towards what truly matters in your life each day.

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