A “Half Filled Glass” or A “Half Empty” One ??


If there is a glass which is half filled with water, one person looks at it as “A half empty glass” while other looks at it as “Half full glass”.

The people who look at the half filled glass enjoy life and feel cheerful. You can see a smile on their face most of the time.
While those who look at the half vacant glass always keep cribbing about life. You must have observed people saying :

  • My life sucks
  • I am not happy with my life
  • Why do bad things always happen to me
  • Life is unfair to me

Or, you might find them giving excuses for one thing or another. These are the people who do not fix the problem but try to fix the blame on one thing or the other.

  • I do not have a good memory.
  • I am poor because I do not have a good education background.
  • I cant do it, I don’t think I have enough courage for that.
  • I am not rich because of my destiny.

The point is, looking at the negative side of things don’t lead them anywhere, In fact they lose opportunities by looking at the negative side.

Here is how one of my friend lost an opportunity because of her negative attitude :

Recently, I had attended a seminar on Public Speaking in Delhi in India. The speaker was Winner of 1990, Toastmasters World Champion in Public Speaking & Coach of 7 World Champions of Public Speaking.

The timings for the seminar were 7 P.M to 9 P.M. One of my friends was supposed to arrive at the seminar. Her plan was to first reach her home(from office) and then come to the seminar. But there was unusual traffic on her way back home. Due to which, she reached her home from office at 7:30 P.m, The seminar hall was just 10 minutes drive from her home.

She thought – “Oh, its already 7:30 PM, the seminar is almost half over, there would not be any use going to the seminar”, so she did not go to the seminar.


Another friend of mine also got late to the seminar because he had some last minute work at the office. He reached at the seminar at 8 P.M. He still attended 50% of the seminar and benefited from it.

I had a talk with him regarding this, he said : “Something is better than nothing”.

Over the next few weeks, he applied some of the learning’s from the Seminar to his public speeches. The result was that he won several Best Speaker awards at the weekly Toastmasters Club meetings.

Its all about the attitude. That is when I felt that there were these two different persons, in a similar situation. One of them looked at the positive side, another cribbed about the negative side.

All of us face situations in life wherein we get down due to issues/circumstances/problems. It is very important during these times, to pick ourselves back up, and look at those problems as challenges. Although it is not easy to do so, because it requires a lot of strength to cultivate a mindset of positivity.

Have you ever faced a situation where looking at the half filled glass helped you?

Which side will you prefer to ‘look at’ in your life ??


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