Taking the First Step to Achieve your Dreams


Do you have some dreams deep in your heart that you want to achieve?

Have you taken any steps to achieve your dreams? It is said that first step is perhaps one of the most difficult. But, once you take the first step, everything else follows!! So, now is the time to take first step towards achieving your dream…

I realized this during one of my trips to a Hill Station with a group of friends and corporate trainers. I want to share my dramatic experience with you. This experience helped me realize that it is only the first step that’s difficult. Once you take it, other steps become easier !! Before I share my experience,You might also be interested in checking out my article on 7 secrets of success.

The Dramatic Experience:

I had gone their with several of my friends and a team of corporate trainers.

On the second day of our trip, the corporate trainers took us near a mountain. One side of that mountain was very steep, it was similar to a wall. We were standing near the bottom of the mountain. Approximately 300 feet above us, we saw a person standing, waiting for us. He was one of the corporate trainers.


They told us that we had to climb down that mountain (300 feet) with the help of a rope. The process is called Rappelling. It was so damn scary, how the hell could we do it? I was afraid to go ahead and that was not just me. I could read the scared facial expressions on many of my friends’ faces. They were scared as hell. But none of us probably wanted to say – “I will not do it”, because we probably wanted to look like ‘brave' in front of each other. You see – There was a lot of peer pressure.


On top of this, I was the among the first few to be called by the corporate trainers to climb down the mountain.

When I reached that spot from where we had to climb down, I looked down, All of my friends were looking as tiny as an ant. You can’t even imagine how scary it was. In that moment, I realized I did have some fear of heights. The corporate trainer standing there helped me in wearing safety equipment. Although I had worn it, I was still very very scared.

I looked down again, I told him it seems very difficult. He said – “Try, you can do it”.

As soon as I took my first step, my legs started trembling, I am not kidding, they literally started shaking. Just Imagine the situation – someone being there on top of 300 feet mountain, he has to climb down through a steep slope of almost 90 degrees, while holding a rope tied to a tree and some safety equipment and the person has to climb down, while his legs are shaking.

Frankly speaking, I was very afraid, What else can you expect from a person who had never done something like this before…. it seemed too tough for me.

After taking a few deep breaths, I told myself – I take it as a challenge and I would want to do it. The first step seemed extremely difficult. The corporate trainer was standing near me and he encouraged me to continue. Gradually, I started taking the next steps, I began to feel more confident with each step downwards. Whoa !! It seemed easier, in the next few seconds I had climbed down the mountain. Can you imagine!! I had climbed down 300 feet!! Yipppieee, I had accomplished that Goliath looking task. Yeah.

The Realization:


Just then – I realized that – In life, whenever we try to do something new, whenever we try to do something that we have probably not done before, It is only the first step that seems difficult. May be we are afraid of it because we have not done something similar before….But once we take the first step, we realize that we can do it, things start seeming easier, we start gaining confidence and we feel more motivated to accomplish that task.

That’s why I can say this with experience : Once you take the first step, other steps will become easier for you.

So, Don’t just wait to do it later; Don’t listen to others who say you can’t do it. Don’t think you will not be able to do it, Try building up some faith in yourself and take the plunge – Just go for it. Take the first step and other steps will seem easier.

Implementing this principle again after the realization

After getting back from the trip, there have been numerous times, I have implemented this strategy and it has worked every single time. Whenever you feel scared or fearful, remember, it is only the first step that seems difficult. I have recently written an article on How to stop living in fear? You might like it once you check it out.

Another experience that I want to share:

From my schooling days, I had a dream deep down in my heart that I wanted to start my own business. The resolve became stronger during my college days. While studying for post graduation, I decided that I would do job in a good company for a few years and once I have some good experience, I would start on my own. Post that, I worked in FedEx for two and a half years as a Territory manager.

When I gave my resignation before quitting the job, I started having goosebumps. At that time, I was in a comfortable nice paying job, I was one of the top performers of my team. I also had a detailed discussion about this with my boss at that time, He told me that new business involves uncertainties. He asked my to take back the resignation and continue with the job. But I really wanted to work towards achieving my dream. Leaving the comfort zone of a nice comfortable job seemed tough. And that, no salary amount will be deposited in my account every month, man that feeling was really scary!!. You see, business does have its ups and downs and is full of uncertainties.

At that time, I remembered this rappelling incident again, I knew it would only be the first step that would be difficult. Everything else would follow through. I am glad to share with you, that I co-founded a digital marketing and development company at that time and ran it successfully for more than seven years.

I took the difficult step again while co-founding this website, I am sure the journey is going to be wonderful.

Have you faced any such situation before? What are your thoughts about this whole story? I would love to know your opinions and feelings in the comments section below.