Affirmations for Abundance, Wealth and Money

Hey there! Let’s chat about something we all feel at times – the fear of success and the fear of failure. It’s a bit like wanting to dive into a pool but being scared of the water. We all dream of a life filled with abundance, but sometimes, our own thoughts and actions hold us back. Let’s dive deeper!

Let’s talk about Abundance

What does abundance mean to you? It might signify enough money to afford what you want, the presence of health and well-being, strong relationships – enough and more of anything that you find important.

We can think of abundance as something material, but that is only a part of it. Material wealth is significant, of course, but it is often not enough.

For a clear example, we can think of the famous story “A Christmas Carol,” adapted time and again. The main character, Ebenezer Scrooge, is clearly a wealthy man and yet he is a miser with no abundance in his life. He has money but doesn’t enjoy it. He has no friends, no family, and his life is empty. While this is a fictional character, we can easily understand his experience as the opposite of abundance, so this is not something defined purely by the material. Scrooge himself is able to develop this same mindset and embrace Christmas, the season of giving, without reservations, and that brings him true abundance.


Abundance is not just something you have. It involves a mindset that allows you to feel blessed, that your life is bountiful and plentiful, that there are always things to enjoy and to draw from. We can imagine the abundance mindset as this well that never runs dry, a well of positive emotions, experiences, bonds, and pleasures. Without the right mindset, we can sit inside a mansion and bemoan our lack of fortune, not to mention that we might limit our opportunities and never get what we desire.

Facing Fears Head-On: Sometimes, our background or past experiences make us doubt our worth.

Sometimes, we might feel that we don’t deserve having more money or abundance in our lives. It can be connected to a low self-esteem and limiting self-beliefs related to our worth. For example, we might believe that “people like us” don’t deserve to make more because we lack some qualities. However, this is usually a limiting belief and not the truth, and it’s worth addressing through affirmations and other techniques. It might be connected to impostor syndrome – the feeling that we are not really qualified or capable and that others might notice.

But remember:

    • “I have the power to change my narrative.”
    • “I am in control of my financial destiny.”
    • “I am more than my past; I shape my future.”

How do we cultivate an Abundance Mindset?

Words have power. We can use Affirmations to develop an abundance mindset.

Here are some abundance affirmations for Money


“I deserve to have money.”

“I am worthy of having wealth and abundance.”

“I believe in myself and my ability to earn more.”

“I can earn as much as I need and want.”

“I am worthy of wealth.”

“I deserve to have good things in my life.”

“I can make more money.”

Another reason is that we might fear wealth and what it brings. If we come from a family that did not have a lot, we might desire the money, but also worry that it will change us or bring with it unexpected challenges, fears, and concerns. For example, many people perceive a connection between money and unkindness or that money will lead to interpersonal strife. However, this is not necessarily true. We can have wealth and still be good people, still have good relationships with the people around us, and still do good in this world. Here are a few affirmations focused on this obstacle.


“I can make a positive change in the world with money.”

“I embrace money and wealth.”

“I can handle whatever success throws at me.”

“I control the money, the money does  not control me.”

“I choose to have more wealth.”

“I am confident in my abilities to manage abundance well.”

“I believe I can handle wealth as well as anything else.”

Another reason might be a bit more insidious. If we come from a family that did not have a lot, we might feel that that’s how it should be. It might feel weird for us to have more than our parents did or do things differently from them. However, we deserve our financial success and can choose how to manage our money. We are allowed to do better than our families did and can use that to help them and others in turn. Here are some affirmations focused on this obstacle.

“I give myself permission to be wealthy.”

“I am allowed to do better than those who came before me.”

“I choose to be a trailblazer in regards to wealth.”

I can achieve what I set out to do.”

“I allow myself to feel good with my success.”

“I embrace financial success.”

“I let go of others’ expectations for me.”

A common fear is losing control of the money as it comes – spending in excess or not knowing what to do with it. We might fear ending up worse than we were, for example, by accruing new debts  or making costly mistakes that won’t occur if we don’t have the  money or the opportunities in the first place.  However, this is a fear that we can address easily – by learning how to manage our money effectively and becoming more proficient. We can also work with it using some of the following affirmations.

“I can handle whatever comes my way.”

“I choose to deal with problems as they arise.”

“I focus on the here and now.”

“I am confident in my abilities to manage money effectively.”

“I can accomplish a lot and I believe in myself.”

“I can handle the consequences of my choices.”

“I can handle wealth and abundance.”

We deserve to have enough money to fulfill our needs and our desires. If we find ourselves sabotaging the opportunities to earn more, it’s worth looking at the reason why. Sometimes, our own limiting beliefs won’t allow us to move forward. This is not always the case, of course, but often we might be surprised at just how much we sabotage our own happiness, abundance, and earnings through different everyday choices.

Finances are a sensitive topic. There are a lot of emotions, positive and negative, bound in with our ideas of what money is and what it represents, how we should handle it, who should have, and what it says about us to have or to lack funds. Understanding these beliefs and ideas surrounding money can make it significantly easier for us to move forward and start a journey towards abundance. We can do better and we should not limit ourselves due to irrational ideas and beliefs.

Worthiness Affirmations

Sometimes, we grow up with the idea that abundance is just not for the likes of us. Whether we feel undeserving or can’t quite imagine what abundance would look like for us, we might need to work with our ideas of worthiness, of deserving something better.

“I deserve abundance in every area of my life.”

“I am worthy of a good life.”

“I give myself permission to do well in life.”

“I can achieve a life full of abundance.”

“Abundance is within my reach. Abundance is within my power.”

“I can live a better life.”

“I choose to improve myself and my circumstances.”

Affirmations for Avoiding a miser mindset

The mindset that is contrary to abundance is the one Scrooge has – a mindset hat doesn’t allow us to enjoy what we have earned, to  spend money, or to have a generous spirit within our relationships. Without such a mindset, we will never be satisfied, we will always feel that what we have is not enough for us alone and, certainly, not enough to share with others. While we should be mindful of our money and goods rather than give them away willy-nilly, we also should give ourselves permission to feel generous.  Such a perception will no only help us feel better about ourselves, but improve our relationships and overall well-being. A miser feels here is no enough to go around, so they hoard what they can, and t his can mean that abundance won’t come their way.

“I have enough. I can always obtain more.”

“I choose a generous and giving spirit.”

“I want to be kind to others and support them with what I have.”

“I believe that abundance is better when it is shared.”

“I cherish my relationships as much as I cherish my wealth.”

“Giving makes me richer.”

“I have power to impact other people’s lives in a positive way.”

“Today, I choose to give.”

Affirmations for Gratitude


An abundance mindset means appreciating what we have. We will always feel lacking if we can’t recognise what is in front of us. Perhaps we do want more, bu that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t cherish what we have. Gratitude ensures that our joy from obtaining something we desired lasts longer and makes us much more open to the new things, as we do not spend our precious time and energy worrying about what we lack.  Whether it is  a modest meal or a lavish banquet, if we can appreciate it, we can feel abundance come into our lives.

“I am grateful for all the things I have.”

“I accept and cherish my current situation.”

“I am thankful for everything life has brought my way. I am open to whatever comes next.”

“Today, I focus on appreciating everything in front of me.”

“Today,  I feel blessed because of…”

“I am pleased to be me.  I am pleased to have what I have.”

“I choose to value what is in front of me.”

“Today, I celebrate everything I have accomplished.”

Abundance goes beyond the material. We need to be ready to accept and value anything that comes our way or else we might find ourselves having it all but feeling like we have nothing. Generosity and gratitude provide us a chance that lets us recognise abundance when it comes and cultivate a mindset that welcomes more abundance into our lives. Being more giving and charitable will make you richer and strengthen your relationships, bringing more opportunities your way. Don’t fear it, embrace it.

Wealth is a good goal to have, however, it is not enough on its own. You also need the right mindset to go along with it. You need to grow a way of thinking that allows wealth into your life and lets you experience true abundance in every aspect or area, including the material one.

Enjoy your abundance however it comes and never stop seeking more of what makes you happy and don’t lose sight of what you have.


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