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11 Ways To Start Your Day With A Positive Attitude


Imagine this – You are sleeping in your cozy bed and suddenly the alarm clock starts ringing, you hit the snooze button a few times, and then after a few minutes – you finally wake up. You force yourself from your bed to the shower. Once you are done, you then multitask by reading news from a news app on your phone, along with eating your breakfast and drinking your morning coffee. In the above scenario, you are just doing the regular chores…. For some of you, the scenario might be a bit different. The point I am trying to make here is that you are only doing some regular chores when you wake up in the morning.

How about making your mornings more exciting and starting your day with positive outlooks?

“Law of Attraction” states that you attract in your life what you think about or give attention to all day. Therefore, it is extremely important to start your day on a happy note.

Sometimes, it does happen that we might be in such a situation in our lives such that our anxieties and fears take over and it might be difficult to stay happy, but if we have cultivated a positive attitude over a period of time, then it becomes much easier to deal with such situations. You might be interested in checking this article – How to stop living in fear?

Here are eleven ways to make your mornings more exciting and full of life!! If you start your day with a positive attitude, you are more likely to be happy and successful throughout the day. Starting your day with a positive attitude helps you in cultivating a happy life, which is in fact one of the first steps in achieving your dreams.

You may follow any of the strategies mentioned below, you can definitely give them a try and see if they work for you in your life.

1. Start you day by thanking God / Universe / Super-Conscious


If you believe in God, you can start your day by being grateful to the almighty for all the wonderful things God has given you. God has gifted you with another beautiful day to look forward to.

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”

You have got one more day to achieve your dreams, to spend time with your loved ones and to enjoy life.

I understand that some people might not believe in God, that is why I have mentioned Universe/Super Conscious, since in such a case, you can be grateful to the Universe for all the gifts that you receive in your daily lives.

For someone who would be going through some tough times right now and might not be in a situation to thank god in the morning, I would recommend you to go through below mentioned books, both of these are wonderful. I have read these and I can share from personal experience that these two definitely help.

The Magic (Secret) book by Rhonda Byrne

I have purchased these books and am only recommending them to you since they have personally helped me. I would only recommend something to you that would add value in your life.

Here is a screenshot of the book from my kindle.


2. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile

It is very important to start your day pleasantly. Smile is a wonderful way to do that. Smiles are contagious. When you look in the mirror and smile at yourself, you feel more happy and positive. Positive energies vibrate all around you. If you don’t believe this notion and have not tried it before, I would suggest that you just give it a try. I do it daily after waking up and I really feel awesome while doing it.


3. Look at an Inspiring Quote

If you like some inspirational quotations that truly makes you feel positive or great, you can keep it somewhere where you can access it easily in the morning. You can have an inspiring wallpaper on your phone’s home screen or your laptop’s desktop. You can also paste a poster in your room. It can be on your wall, on the door, in fact it can be anywhere where you feel you would see it after waking up in the morning. You might be interested in checking out secrets of success that can change your life.


4. Sing a song while taking your bath

“Oh come on, you must be kidding me…” I know you are thinking this. I understand that you might consider trying this a little bit weird. But, you have got nothing to lose. We all like listening to some songs, don’t we? Why not start your day by singing a peppy number, even if you are not a good singer. There is no harm in trying to be a bathroom singer. Starting your day with singing a song in the shower is really an exciting and fun way to start your day with. It would help you forget all the troubles and can set you in a very positive mood.

5. Do deep breathing exercise for a few minutes / Meditate


There are many ways to do meditation. Deep breathing is one form of meditation. Both meditation as well as deep breathing relaxes our mind and makes us more calm. You can do it for a few minutes and feel relaxed and peaceful after doing it. Here is an article we wrote on How to do breathing meditation. You might also be interested in checking out Basics of Meditation.

The technique is pretty simple. Here is how you can do it:

1. Sit in a position in which you feel relaxed. You can sit with crossed legs or with your legs apart. You can keep your eyes closed or open depending upon how you prefer to do it.

2. Breathe in slowly through your nose. You would notice that your stomach expands while you are doing so.

3. Breathe out slowly through your nose. Focus your attention on your breath without thinking about anything else.

4. Breathe in and out for a few minutes while keeping your attention on the breath. After you have done so for a few minutes, you would feel more relaxed.

6. Go for a Walk / Jogging / Stroll outside


If you are one of the early risers and if like to wake up early in the morning, You can go for a walk or a stroll in a park nearby or near the place you live. You can also try jogging while listening to music on your iPod.

7. Do some Exercises in the Gym


Focusing on your fitness can bring a positive change in your life. There is a scientific reason why doing exercises in the gym make you happy. When we exercise, our brain releases a chemical compound called Endorphins, This minimizes the stress created due to exercise and are associated with creating a feeling of euphoria.

Exercising in the gym not only helps you be happy and positive, it also helps you lose weight and helps you stay in shape. That is another reason why you must do it.

8. Enjoy a cup of Coffee to start your day with a positive attitude


I am a coffee lover, I have a cup of coffee every morning and I love drinking it. It makes me feel good. I know people who love having coffee in the morning, the caffeine in the coffee helps give you a kick-start to your day. By the way, it is generally recommended not to have black coffee on empty stomach since coffee is acidic in nature.

In case, you are not a coffee lover, you can try having any other healthy beverage option such as green tea. Green tea is healthy for the body since it is alkaline in nature as well as makes you feel calm.

9. Read your affirmations daily to cultivate a positive mindset

Reading your morning affirmations out loud to yourself in the morning is one of the best ways to start your day. It creates a positive tone for the day. I have been using this technique since a long time and it’s simply amazing. Throughout the day, whenever you face any hurdle while progressing with your day, you would automatically feel your affirmations being repeated in your mind. It would help you in maintaining the positive attitude throughout the day.

10. Visualize your Success


Visualization is a super powerful technique that can really help you become exceptionally positive about life. It helps create a strong belief in yourself. It is a technique where you sit in a silent place for a few minutes, Then you close your eyes, you may use headphone for a relaxing music. Then you imagine your goals and dreams as already been fulfilled and achieved. You go into the exact details of how you feel when your goals have been achieved.

When you do this everyday, through law of attraction, you gradually start attracting those situations around you wherein you start reaching closer to your goals. Doing this everyday helps in starting your day positively and at the same time cultivating a positive attitude.

11. Plan your day the night before – Be Proactive

You can save yourself from the morning stress by taking out five minutes the night before to organize the things you would need next morning. For example, if there is an important file that you would be needing in the office tomorrow, it is better to keep it in an organized place the night before rather than searching for it in the morning with a toothbrush or a cup of coffee in hand. If you plan ahead the activities that you might need to do the next day, it can relieve you of stress and help you start your day on a positive note.

I would be glad if even a single person finds it helpful and has a wonderful day after reading this blog post. If you like this article, please do share it with your friends and family on social media.

Do you think if any technique mentioned might help you in starting your day with a positive attitude? Do you use some other technique to start your day with a bang?


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