How to achieve your Goals?


In one of our previous posts, you read about 7 Secrets of Success. But not many of us do all that is required to achieve our dreams. Do we?? We feel as if our feet are tied to something. We want to work towards achieving our dreams but we don’t.

If you are hungry and you have the ingredients available to prepare food and you have the time to prepare it, won’t you make food to satisfy your hunger??

But, why is it different when it comes out to chasing your dreams? We know that Human mind has limitless potential and we can achieve anything we set our mind to.

The question is, Why don’t people take action to achieve their goals? What stops them?

Avoid making these 3 mistakes to achieve your goals.

You can avoid these 3 mistakes so that you can be focused on achieving your Goals!

1. Waiting for the Perfect Situation


We keep waiting for the perfect situation. We think that we will start when the situation is favorable. But my dear friend, situation will not become favorable by itself. Think about it….. Will the situation become favorable by itself if you don’t work towards it??? Somebody has to work towards making the situation favorable and that somebody has to be ‘YOU’.

A few years back, I attended a 7 months extensive workshop on business coaching. There were a lot of solid principles that were taught to us during that workshop. One of them was:

“Progress is better than waiting for perfection”


So many people are not able to follow their dreams because they keep waiting for the perfect situation. They keep waiting for all traffic lights to turn green before they start the journey from their home. Striving for perfection can sometimes stall projects for months or years. It is important to realize this and focus on progressing.

“God helps those who help themselves.”

If you want you can try out affirmations to help you develop a positive mindset, which in turn will help you in achieving your goals.


2. Waiting for others to agree with you


A lot of people do not get successful because they keep waiting for their friends and family to agree with their vision. It is very important not to wait until others agree with you.

I will share a story about a very close friend of mine.

She had been a very bright student during her college. After completing her post graduation, she got married and then she had kids shortly after that. It has been a few years and she has been a  homemaker since then. Nowadays she does have a lot of free time with herself. A few months back, she decided to start a new venture of her own. She has a pretty good knowledge about the fashion industry. She started an Instagram page and wanted to be an influencer. She kept working hard for a few months. She kept posting photographs and advertised on the platform as well. She got a more than ten thousand followers during those few months and even started working with a few brands to promote the brands on her instagram page.

There were some people who were close to her and they kept on suggesting to her that

  • There is so much competition
  • Instagram Influencers don't make much money
  • Brands offer products to influencers for shoutouts, but they don't offer money.
  • It requires a lot of hard work and time to get successful.
  • You have started too late

Ultimately, she gave up. She quit her journey midway before becoming a big Instagram influencer. But she waited for others around her to agree with her. And when they didn't agree with her aspirations, she quit. It was sad to see a great influencer in making to have quit.

Another example from history where wright brothers persevered and did not quit:

In 1909, When Wright Brothers dreamed of creating a machine that would be heavier than air and would fly in air. People did not agree with them, people called them mad. But Wright brothers did not wait for others to agree with them, They had faith in their dream and they kept working to achieve it. And today, we are able to travel in luxurious airplanes only because of Wright Brothers’ will to achieve their goal and because they did not wait for others to agree with them.

If they could do it, so can you.

Of course, there might be obstacles and challenges on the way. People who want to work on achieving their goals conquer those obstacles. Here is a list of 7 secret ways to develop a Millionaire Mindset!

3. Waiting because you do not have the required skills


Many people keep waiting because they think they do not have the required skills to do what they wish to do. But cant’ the skills be learned?? Aren’t their enough teachers/tutorials available?? How about googling on a subject you do not know??

I understand that for many people, learning something new can be difficult. But, its only a matter of quitting procrastination and trying (yes, trying and taking that crucial first step) to get the skills required to achieve what they want.

I was keen to have a website of my own. When I started with blogging, I could have quit easily because I was a newbie in blogging, Yeah, really. I did not know anything about blogging. But I learnt from the tutorials available on internet, I started my journey on the path of learning about blogging. In fact, I am still learning something new every day!! But because I made efforts to get the skills required, today, I have been able to touch lives of more than 100,000 people through my blog (as of publishing date of this blog post) !!

If I can do it, so can you.


Now, You know the reasons that stop you from achieving your goals and how you can achieve your goals. The power lies in your own hands. The path might be difficult, but if you persevere, you can make it happen.

Do you think knowing these reasons will help you in taking action to achieve your goals?? Do you find any other obstacles in your path of achieving your goals??