Matt Harvey Weight Loss Success Story – He was overweight his entire life, Now he is a NASM Certified personal trainer and weight-loss specialist!

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Matt Harvey, an NASM Certified personal trainer and weight-loss specialist who has a heart for helping men feel more confident, especially those confined to the sedentary demands of desk work.

How did you get into what you do right now? Please tell us more about your journey.

I was the Assistant Vice President of an investment firm that handled large IRA accounts and mortgages. Working at a desk, I began to realize how difficult it was to stay in shape, even while working out and eating relatively healthy. I realized that most fitness programs out there are “cookie-cutter” and don’t address the needs of men sitting 40 or more hours a week. So I started studying to become a trainer, took extra courses to become a weight-loss specialist, figured out what it took to get in great shape as a desk worker, and implemented these practices with fantastic success! I then quit my job to devote my time to helping other businessmen in very personalized coaching experience, vastly different from other online training services that are out there. Very hands-on, focused accountability, 100% personalized coaching!

Who are your role models?

I was largely influenced by Jeff Cavalier over at Athlean-X, as a personal trainer and physical therapist, Jeff puts so much thought and science into what he does. I aim to do the same with my clients. The difference between Jeff and I is that I don’t serve the masses, but keep a small clientele, only taking a few new clients each month, so I can focus all my attention to their needs.


What inspires you?

I have pretty much been overweight my entire life. I know what it feels like to lack confidence and feel inferior to others. I don’t want anyone else to feel like that, and my heart is set on helping men take back their confidence, or maybe even find it for the first time!

Please tell us about your company.

I left my corporate job and started “Desk Job Giant” with the sole purpose of helping businessmen reach their fitness goals, look better, feel better, and have more confidence. It is no secret that overall wellness can have both physically and mentally for corporate workers. With heart disease reaching record highs, it is high time someone started helping these men, who work long hours to take care of their families, take care of themselves.


Which social media channels work best for promoting your work? What exactly do you do on the social media channel that makes it work for you?

I primarily focus my attention on LinkedIn because that is where the people I am trying to help are most active. I try to share free content there and establish myself, but it is all new to me. I also use Instagram to share images, but I don’t really see it as a platform to make the connections that I am trying to make on LinkedIn.

What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

I wouldn’t say I am yet a success, but I am trying to do things differently. I don’t want to be a salesman, I just want to help people, so I try to save people the “pitch” and get to the point of what I am doing. I won’t say it’s the most effective approach, but I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.


What keeps you going when things get tough?

This is my passion, this is what I love. Even though it can get extremely difficult financially, I know that I am making a difference in people’s lives to help them feel better and hopefully live longer. I don’t work in financial investments anymore. I work in people investments. I help people invest in themselves, in their happiness, and in their life. That keeps me going!

Any message for our readers.

I am not a salesman. I just want to help businessmen get in great shape, and I have developed quite the program to do so that is fully customizable. If this sounds like something you are interested in, don’t put it off, schedule a call with me and I promise I won’t try to “sell” to you.


How can people connect with you?

They can reach me by email at or connect with me on LinkedIn. You can also check out the website and Instagram.