He wanted to be an Entrepreneur since he was a child and today, he is living his dream! Lets hear the story of Sean Boyle…

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Sean Boyle is a serial entrepreneur. At the age of 23, he currently:

Owns Momentum Digital

Host of the Sean Boyle Podcast

Avid Real Estate Investor

Sean has graduated from Penn State with a marketing degree and an unofficial minor in Spanish. From the time he was little, he knew that entrepreneurship was his calling. In his free time, Sean enjoys practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, creating new YouTube videos, and learning new languages!

Please tell us about yourself.

I’m all about helping people build their digital presence online through Google. My digital marketing company has helped over 1,000+ people build their digital presence online. I went to Penn State and learned an abundance of strategies to help propel people to the next level in their careers. 

Can you please tell us more about your journey?

I started off selling baseball cards and working lemonade stands when I was 10. I knew that entrepreneurship was in my blood. I told myself, “Sean Boyle is going to be one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the history of the world. I knew that when I was 10, I’ve worked ever since to prove that I will accomplish my goal.

I’ve had to endure a lot in my life. Death, parent’s divorce, father being in prison, and on and on. What’s made me successful is to just simply keep going. Don’t listen to that voice in your head that’s telling you to give up…I knew that I’m much stronger than my feelings. We are never our feelings.

Since I’ve joined Momentum as an owner, it’s been an incredible experience. People have quoted me saying, “Sean Boyle will be the next big thing” in this world. Those are very flattering compliments coming from a large group of people.


Please tell us about your company ‘Momentum 360.’

Momentum 360 is a Premiere Small Business and Real Estate marketing company in Philadelphia and the tri-state area. Our main service offerings are 3D Virtual Tours powered by Matterport, as well as photography and videography. We are both a Matterport Service Provider, and Google Trusted Photography agency. While 3D Virtual Tours started in real estate, they are versatile and applicable across every industry. Momentum 360 specializes in virtual tours for real estate, small businesses, restaurants, retail, healthcare, professional services, and much more. These virtual tours help our clients showcase their business online, while also allowing them to rank higher on Google with SEO and get more followers on social media!

Like I said, our goal is to help small business owners build their digital presence. Whether that’s with digital marketing or digital content, we do everything in our power to grow you and your business.

What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

These are 3 things that have helped me be successful at only 23 years of age. These tips and tactics have been taken from over 100+ successful entrepreneurs, athletes, coaches, and gurus. Enjoy these tips as I did; maybe it will change your life just like it did with me!


1) Fail Early, Fail Often

In business, when you’re just starting up, it can be tricky to gain momentum. You don’t know the right questions to ask, the right things to do, it can be a mess. What I did was just go for it. You have to have the mindset that you’re young. You don’t know exactly what you’re doing yet..so just GO FOR IT! If you fail, what do you have to lose??? NOTHING! So get out there, try things, fail, LEARN, and then implement new tactics to ensure you’re successful. It’s all about building that learning curve as early and often as possible.

2) If You Want To Be Successful, You Need To Work like Your Life Depends On It, Which It DOES!

This saying is so true even to this day! If you want to be successful, truly successful, you need to sacrifice the video games, YouTube, and Netflix binges, the truly successful people are already out there working 12-14 hours a day. They’re working on their business with stuff that actually matters. You need to be working hard to hit your goals. The harder the work, the luckier you get. I’ve been working hard 🙂 and it’s starting to show. Work on the business instead of in it, think big picture with the strategy on how to scale your growth.

3) Define Yourself As The Person You Want To Become

This means you need to visualize yourself as the person you want to become. Even if it’s way off from the person, you are today! You may need to create a false reality and define yourself as the greatest of all time…even though there is no such thing. When I was young, I was a very shy kid; now, I seem confident and successful to a lot of people. A total extrovert. I created a fake reality and started convincing myself that I am this successful person. Now, I am that person! It’s all a mindset.

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

If you want to learn more about my mindset, you can subscribe and listen to my podcast. You can also check out my Instagram and Momentum’s website.