Shaped by true love and passion, The Luxe Interior reflects Elise Kotelnikova’s hard work!

Interior design is what allows you to have a home or workplace that projects exactly what you want it to project. Whether you are looking for luxury or, for a particular style that reflects who you are, Interior Designer Elise Kotelnikova can create just what you envision.

Elise Kotelnikova is a successful interior designer and the founder of The Luxe InteriorThe Luxe Interior offers a wide range of services focused on creating the best environment that reflects your vision and offers a strong personal experience. She has been working on this passion of hers for years and has achieved a lot in the journey to building a company.

Since she was ten years old, Elise has known that she wanted to do interior design, watching her father work in construction. She stayed loyal to this passion, and when she moved to the United States in 2001, it was with the intent to earn a degree in the field. She fought hard to get where she is now, but this has always been the guiding light for her career and journey.  

This was not an easy goal to achieve. However, she worked three jobs and did it all herself to achieve her objectives through all the difficult situations she had to face. Elise graduated in 2008 with an Associate’s degree in Interior Design and went back to get her Bachelor’s in 2017. Kotelnikova is incredibly passionate about her field. This translates into years of experience, knowledge, and hard work that have allowed her to create a unique company that takes interior design to the next level.

The Luxe Interior reflects the designer’s hard work. It was shaped by true love and passion, bringing together every single element to create a solid vision that marries the customer’s ideas and personality to high-level design.

The Luxe Interior is based on a few key guiding principles. First, communication is key for the successful realization of the client’s dream, and communication is a part of the process from beginning to end. The company is collaborative at its core, with a wide-ranging network of professionals. The company can manage the process from the start until the end with the support of many professionals with experience, from interior designers and architects to artists and brokers who can handle any challenge to achieve the end result. The Luxe Interior incorporates a 3D Realistic renderings, Virtual Reality and Animated videos for the clients to see the vision of their project. There are some amazing projects that have been completed by The Luxe Interior, and it’s a company that strives to improve all the time.

You can find out more and get in touch through the website. You can also follow the company on Instagram @theluxeinterior1 and LinkedIn. The website and social media showcase the amazing results that the company achieves and the dreams that they have helped realize so far through interior design. 


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