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Marco ilso – Famous Actor


Who is Marco ilso?

Marco ilsø is a Danish ex-footballer and an actor. He is probably most famous for portraying Hvitserk on the popular History’s drama series Vikings, where he played the character starting from the fourth season of the show.



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About his upbringing and football career:

Marco ilsø was a football player for the B.93 football club in Denmark. He, alongside his brother Ken, both played for the club. His brother is also a profile player. Marco has been interested in football ever since he was a little child and would always play football with his friends at his local football field.

Acting career and breakout role:

Marco ilsø got his first chance to shine behind the big screen when he was just 14 years old. He was cast to play the lead role in a Danish family Christmas series titled Mikkel og Guldkarte (Michael and the golden card), which premiered in 2008. Later on, in 2011, Marco received an offer to play in the popular danish drama series Frit fold (Free Fall), where he was offered the role of Niclast, the boyfriend of the main character. Marco was praised for his portrayal of the character, and the performance that he gave was well praised by the critics. Then in 2014, he appeared in the movie Dannys dommedog “Danny’s Doomsday,” as well as playing Ditlev in the thriller movie Fasandraeberne (The Absent One).

Marco had been in plenty of roles before he got his big opportunity to shine when he was cast in the popular historical fantasy drama war TV series Vikings.

Marco played Hvitserk on the show, the second son of Ragnar and Aslaug. He was the most responsible of the Aslaug’s sons and didn’t take part in raiding initially. Instead, he opted to stay and protect Kattegat. After the death of his mother on the show, he wanted revenge. But after his established relationship with Ivar turned hostile, he proceeded to side with Lagertha. After Lagertha was exiled in England, Ubbe became Alfred’s advisor and converted to Christianity. This was based on the historical records of Ubba.

Marco has stated that his role in Vikings helped him to make a real name for himself and attract a much wider recognition throughout the globe.

He has stated that he wanted to take a break after filming three long seasons for the aforementioned TV series. Marco has been using his time to pursue some of his other passions.

His family life and relationships:

Marco’s parents are called Elsa and Finn. He also has a pair of older brothers Ken and Nick. Marco played professional soccer alongside his brother Ken when he was younger.



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Image Source:German Comic Con, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons