Rebecca King Crews latest romantic track ‘What You Wanna Do?’ is an exquisite melody with magnificent R&B and soul tunes!

Rebecca King Crews has released her romantic track, ‘What You Wanna Do?’ under the pseudonym Regina Madre. She has released 6 tracks before this one under Regina Madre and has several more scheduled for release this year.


What You Wanna Do?’ is a silky track speaking from the heart of a woman who is letting her man know what’s waiting for him when he comes home. The maturity in both the lyrics and music blend together, creating a smooth gem for devoted lovers everywhere. ‘What You Wanna Do?’ is the perfect song for a sultry and tender night with the one you love.

Although the track has been out for just under 2 weeks, it’s already received radio play all over the United States.

Rebecca’s genuine and uplifting tone comes from her lifetime of unique experiences, bringing comfort and strength to those around her. Much of this comes from her faith-based background and her desire to inspire others to fulfill their dreams. Everywhere she goes, she brings a fresher, brighter perspective, and her music is no different.

Regina Madre, also known as Rebecca King Crews, is an actor, speaker, and musician who is happy to be a mother of 5 and the wife of former NFL player and actor Terry Crews. As an executive producer for both TV and film and originally going to school for musical theatre, Rebecca has extensive experience in the entertainment industry and is eager to continue her musical career.

‘What You Wanna Do?’ is available now on all major platforms. Follow her on Instagram @reginamadremusic and @therealrebeccakingcrewsFacebook and Twitter to stay updated with Regina Madre. You can listen to her songs on Apple Music.

About Rebecca King Crews aka Regina Madre


Rebecca King Crews is an adult contemporary R&B artist originally from Benton Harbor, MI. “Regina Madre” is the pseudonym for singer/songwriter/actress and wife to actor Terry Crews, Rebecca King Crews.

She debuted the pseudonym in 2018 to get an honest opinion on her music and soon had 2 radio singles, ‘(I Keep) Holding On’ and ‘Destiny.’ Although she has never stopped writing songs, she has taken several breaks from her career to support her family. Rebecca believes in putting family first, and the rest will follow.