Jennifer Addicott shares her journey from darkness to light, through her inspirational song!

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer Addicott from the Tampa Bay area in Florida. She is a Mobile Notary, Spiritual Life Coach, Legal Nurse Consultant, Wedding Officiant, and private duty Hospice Nurse.

Please tell us about yourself.

I have the business Blessed with Divine Grace. My new business is Transformation with Healing, which offers home care for patients postoperatively.

My spiritual journey got me where I am today. Spreading the word to the world about having a positive mindset is so very important. If I can do it, they can too. It’s all about karmic cycles and breaking away and trusting that the Divine has our back. Clearing karma doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a process. It takes discipline and perseverance. 

In my free time, I followed my intuition and wrote two songs and had them distributed on all major platforms for my own healing. I am my own big deal, and that’s all that matters. I create my own reality one day at a time. Do I have my own challenges, yes, but it’s how I respond now that makes all the difference.

If I talk about my personal life, I am divorced with two children: my daughter, from my first husband who committed suicide in December 2016, her name is Ashley Nicole, she is 25 years old, a Kent State University Graduate and Joseph Xavier, 9 years old, compliments from my second husband, lives in Ohio. I am 45 years old and just arrived on time into a new chapter of my life. I invite you to continue to listen to how I changed the trajectory of my life’s stories ending by manifesting a new reality and co-creating with the Holy Spirit.


Please tell us about your journey.

Raising Ashley back in the ’90s, I was a depressed single mother. I lived off of welfare for greater than 15 years, with no child support. I have been homeless, beaten, bullied, and threatened. I have been called ugly and fat. I have had my reputation smeared through the mud due to jealousy on multiple occasions…I outran two men who attempted to kidnap me at the age of 12. I have been sexually assaulted, mentally assaulted, emotionally assaulted, and physically assaulted. I have attempted suicide multiple times throughout my life. Clearly unsuccessful, because here I stand today. I am really good at self-sabotaging, so I actually do not need any help in that area from those who criticize me and judge me for the actions I take to heal myself from all the trauma I endured in this lifetime and subsequent lifetimes. My intentions may not be understood in this present moment by the world because I have a bigger calling. I march to the beat of my own drum. I have to go against the grain to get my own perspective and follow my intuition to find out what my purpose is in this lifetime. It is what it is, and I am doing this unapologetically. 

On a soul level, I was broken and needed healing. I needed compassion; I needed inspiration. Who could I turn to? That’s when the Holy Spirit started to talk to me-we can call it what you want-however you resonate-God, The Divine, Spirit, The Universe-Higher Power…it doesn’t matter the label…I heard a voice, and it asked me to trust, so I did.

It feels as if I am the embodiment of collective karma, and actually, I am. I have a huge heart, and I am very empathetic. I am for the people, not of the people. Service is my mantra. Service to others is healing for me. That’s a curse and a blessing. I am an energetic sponge. I always took things personally and overreacted. I was a people pleaser, always looking for validation. Giving respect, but not receiving it. Treated as a doormat for everyone else’s personal gain. Staying in unhealthy relationships because I was afraid of taking a leap of faith into the unknown, otherwise known as settling. Living a life of criticism and judgement. I allowed other people’s opinions of me to dictate my steps. I was afraid of power- personal power, so I gave it away for acceptance, and now I know that was not a fair trade because they always left me in the end.

The Divine has taught me to keep my eyes on Him, that He will guide me to the people meant to be in my life. You don’t have to buy their love or abuse them, using manipulation-passive or aggressive. It will flow-it will be easy. I just wanted to be loved- I never felt as if I was enough.

He taught me to trust. To walk the talk… and that’s what I do. For the last year in a half, He has been the only one to keep His promises to me. No judgement because I now understand why everyone left me and did what they did. I cannot be mad or resentful because I did it to others throughout my life. We are all reflective of each other. I was no different. We are not different; we just have different challenges. If someone is supposed to be in my life, they will be, and when they leave, I had to learn not to take it personally because we were no longer a vibrational match. 

Throughout my spiritual awakening, I get many intuitive downloads, messages through music, signs, and synchronicities scattered throughout the Universe. I know that I am never alone. This is how my God and my Angels help me heal. I ask, and they answer. I am protected. My spiritual journey has been a little lonely because I have had to integrate these spiritual gifts-balancing my spirituality with practicality. This past year has been an emotional rollercoaster, but worth every minute. I have nothing to prove to anyone, and I don’t have to answer to anyone either. My worth is found in the Divine, and he is the one I answer to. He sees everything, and He is all-knowing. Nothing gets by Him…..Truth has its own resonates, so physical proof is fear-based.. and I don’t live by fear any longer.

I could go on, but let’s jump timelines. All of these obstacles have kept me small and powerless for the majority of my life. But no longer. I have empowered myself through these struggles, and I am here today to stand in my autonomy and speak my truth. Using spiritual discernment and leading with my heart because love heals all wounds.

What was the inspiration for your First Song? 

The straw that broke the camel’s back to get me on my soul’s mission was on July 7, 2018, I was raped, then that October, I attempted to commit suicide. I felt like a failure. I was ashamed of what I became, and worst of all, I thought I had lost God’s favor. I felt like I was just continuing to disappoint Him time after time. Even after all of my accomplishments, I was did not feel worthy of being here on this earth any longer. I was throwing in the towel. My world was crumbling down around me. I didn’t know which way to go, I couldn’t see; I was dying inside. I numbed myself with drugs and alcohol, I stopped nursing- if I couldn’t give my patients 1000% of me, then I would be no good to them, and money doesn’t matter because it could not heal me-it hindered me.

Spirit told me to take responsibility for my actions, and swallow my pride, admit my faults in each situation, then forgive myself and everyone who hurt me and move on. Because in the end, when all things are said, and done-it’s actually ourselves that are hurting-we project on to others what needs to be healed. Because like attracts like. What I put out there, no matter if my intentions were pure, that’s what I got back. If I thought I wasn’t good enough or unlovable, that’s what I attracted. No judgement here-it’s not my job to judge; it’s His. I don’t get paid enough to take on that responsibility. Hard lessons to learn, yes, but with the fortitude and tenancy that I embody, I persevered, and that is the gift I am giving back to the world. Hope-inspiration-love….all without conditions….smile, try it, look up.

See your soul family all around you… I had to heal my past karma to allow for my wheel of destiny to start turning in the right direction. So I can follow my dream, follow my passion.

I have learned the lessons that were handed to me and can see things for what they truly are now. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. We learn from our mistakes and move on; it’s called progress, not perfection. Growing spiritually doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a lifelong journey. I have learned that nothing happens by accident; there are no coincidences, just lessons, good, bad, or ugly. Learn the lesson-accept that lesson and release the lesson-forgive yourself and move on. Don’t live in the past. It cannot be changed- I know now that things don’t happen to me that they happen for me-to strengthen me- to help me grow spiritually.

Day by day, walking in blind faith and trust, the fog started to clear.. and now I can see so clearly that I know now that I have been living in an illusion this world has conditioned me to believe. I had to take the bull by the horns and stay focused. I was called to take off my mask that I have been wearing my whole life and see what I have been missing. I had to learn to see things from a higher perspective.

Cutting out the BS and follow my own inner guidance. I have had to take a compassionate withdrawal from people that are near and dear to me to find myself. To learn to love me. To see the worth in myself. To learn that I am unforgettable, and I am not replaceable. I am unique in my own right, and I have a lot to offer the world. My soul tribe, which is not divided by race, color, nationality, or religion, is all united. On a soul level, we are all one. We live in the United States, play on the word “united,” so why are we segregated. What makes one person better than the other. Your bank account, your status, our bank accounts don’t define us-our actions do? I may not have anything here in the material world, but emotionally and spiritually, I am abundant. You cannot put a price tag on mental and emotional health- it’s not possible….but you can put a price tag on a candy bar – That’s a big difference.

I will not stop showing up-being the best that I can be.

If God is for me, who can be against me? 

I will continue to inspire everyone and anyone, and I will not give up! I will do my part. I now wait for Divine Timing and Divine Inspiration to lead me down my path…. Consciously co-creating with the Universe instead of, like before, unconsciously co-creating and manifesting my worst fears… ow only leading with love while teaching and guiding my soul tribe to do the same, one person, one family at a time….A little bit of Hope goes a long way-a change in perspective. Letting people know that they DO matter-that they too are worthy of anything and everything that this world has to offer! Don’t play small anymore. Go for the gold!! Trust! You don’t meet me or anyone for that matter by accident-because in this life, there are no accidents- I am blessed. 


We all have many spiritual gifts. We just have to learn how to harness those gifts and follow our intuition. I am able to get messages of what is about to come to fruition in situations all around the world, from natural disasters to car accidents to fights among my close friends who are 1000 miles away from me. Sounds a little crazy, yes, but It doesn’t matter because anyone’s and everyone’s opinion of me is none of my business. I walk with my angels, and they tell me what I need to know, helping me to respond to situations versus reacting.


This all started with me receiving a message from the Universe that I was going to be on a talk show….for 7 months, I got that message. . I really was not sure it was my message—-until finally I was guided to put my business on Yelp on December 4 as a Spiritual Healer. Had no idea how I was going to do it- I had no business plan or anything. I was hesitant, but then I did it… it was a generic advertisement. Then to my surprise, the very next day, on December 5, Tune In” radio/ Business Talk Show called me and asked me to be on their show. Speaking my story on a 75 million person platform, a National platform. My ratings were 9.2 out of 10, my first speaking gig ever. I was offered five 30-minute shows. I did one show, finances were low at the time for me, but I did what I set out to do, which was to speak my truth. I manifested that but didn’t know how it was going to happen. At that time, I was driving for Lyft and Uber because I was guided out of the hospital system.


Listen, bottom line, the police department, and the state attorney’s office failed me, disregard me, and set me aside to where I almost committed suicide. I didn’t know what rape was or how one would handle the trauma post-rape. Furthermore, I even questioned myself as to if I really was raped. Honestly, I was not looking for revenge. I just didn’t want this to happen to any other woman (stated in my report). However, the Divine wanted me to stand up for myself, and speak my truth after I was mocked, made to look like a liar and a drunk. No is no, and the police took the sentimentality out of the situation. It took a year and one month before I could face the detectives again, and this time I was healed, stronger, and absolutely was not crying like the first five times that I went in and out of the office to press charges then not press charges vacillating between going through with it and not. After healing, I was guided to other rape victims and souls who had suicidal thoughts and tendencies, which I was able to help them. Remember, we are all part of a collective…. And we mirror each other, so as I healed, the Universe brought people to me that needed my help. 400 Uber/Lyft drives prove that….all meant to be in my car and meet me….

I had to emotionally rebalance myself and master my emotions. I had to release all the negative energy surrounding the situation, so I didn’t block my future blessings. I learned to transmute my trauma into personal power. So I wrote this song, the first of many. I created my own reality because I learned what I think to bring about I bring about and what I feel becomes real. This is only one of many stories that I need to share. If I can do it, then my soul tribe can too!! All In divine timing! Everyone will know their own power that lies within them!

So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

They can contact me via Facebook.


Thank you so much for giving us your precious time! We wish you the best for your journey ahead!